Work out smarter, not harder

Work out smarter, not harder

A Work Out is Good For Your Body But Not Necessarily Harder

It’s a known fact that, when you work out more often, your body gets stronger and it burns more calories. And, if you are going to do the work out more often, you will probably feel better and get more done in less time.

You probably want to try and get your exercise or workout in the “hard way” and see how it goes. The problem is that, you can end up doing a lot of damage and hurting yourself.

I have found that many people will begin with cardiovascular exercise, such as aerobics, when they first start to exercise or do aerobic work-outs, but they do not get the amount of work out at which they will get their heart rate up. The next thing they do is find a treadmill or stationary bike to do and that is probably the cause of their problems with pain and damage.

I have found that a simple and easier work-out will have far less of an impact on your body than a full on sprinting session. You don’t have to sprint all the way to your destination. You can walk instead.

It’s important to remember that walking is always easier than running or jumping onto a treadmill. It will save you some energy and you won’t be so tired afterwards either.

Once you have broken in your stride, it’s time to hit the gym. The treadmill and stationary bike has to be added to your exercise program gradually and not just at the first session. I wouldn’t recommend sprinting for an hour straight, but the one or two times a week is fine.

Jogging on a treadmill is also OK, just make sure you don’t rush or go too fast. It’s very easy to lose momentum when you first start, so be gentle with yourself. It’s not that your legs are burning up but your body is just trying to recover from the weights and jogging sessions.

As you become used to the gentle jog and get the blood flowing, add in some running and swimming. When you start to run, make sure you stay on the safe side and go slow as this can make you tired too quickly.

Don’t just add these aerobic workouts in one day. A full workout should take place twice a week.

As your body gets used to your workout routine, you can start adding the more intense things like running up and down hills and doing plyometrics. This is something you want to be careful about because if you over train, it could potentially cause injury.

Once you feel more confident and know you are doing the right exercises for your body, then you can start the heavier workouts. Make sure you don’t do anything that is unnatural or too high intensity, such as jumping rope or doing jumping jacks.

Just remember that exercise isn’t something you have to do to be healthy, it’s something you should be doing to keep fit and live a longer life. With enough dedication and self-discipline, your muscles, heart and mind will thank you for taking the time to enjoy the benefits of exercise.


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