What Insurance Does Apria Healthcare Accept: Full Guide

Welcome to our detailed guide on Apria Healthcare’s accepted insurance plans. Here, we will explore which insurance policies are covered. Our guide simplifies this important info for kids and parents alike.

What Insurance Does Apria Healthcare Accept: Full Guide


What is Apria Healthcare?

Apria Healthcare is a company that helps people with their health. It offers equipment and services to patients in their homes. This makes it easier to take care of health needs comfortably.

Understanding Your Health Insurance

Health insurance is like a safety net. It helps pay for health services and equipment. You, or your parents, pay a bit each month for this safety net. Picking the right one is a big deal.

Insurance Terms To Know

  • Premium – The monthly cost for insurance.
  • Deductible – Money you pay before insurance pays.
  • Copay – A small fee for a doctor’s visit or meds.
  • Coinsurance – Sharing costs with your insurance.
  • Network – Doctors and hospitals your plan covers.

Accepted Insurance Plans at Apria Healthcare

Apria works with many insurance plans. But, it’s important to check if your plan is accepted. Here’s a simple look at plans covered at Apria Healthcare:

Type of Insurance Is It Accepted?
Medicare Yes
Medicaid Yes, in some places
Private Insurance Often yes, but check first
Managed Care Plans Yes, many are okay
Military Insurance (Tricare) Yes

Medicare And Apria

Medicare is insurance for older or disabled folks. Apria Healthcare says “yes” to receiving Medicare. They help with things like oxygen, sleep equipment, and more.

Medicaid’s Relationship With Apria Healthcare

Medicaid helps people with less money get health care. Apria Healthcare works with Medicaid in some places. Be sure to ask if Apria accepts Medicaid in your area.

Private And Managed Care Insurance Plans

Many private insurance plans are welcome at Apria. Plus, managed care plans, like HMOs or PPOs, work with them. ‘HMO’ means your doctor helps decide on your care. ‘PPO’ lets you pick doctors more freely.

Military Insurance (tricare)

For families in the military, Tricare is their health insurance. Apria Healthcare approves of Tricare. It covers soldiers, retirees, and their families.

How to Check If Your Insurance is Accepted

  1. Look at the back of your insurance card.
  2. Find the customer service number there.
  3. Call and ask about Apria Healthcare.
  4. Or, you can call Apria directly for help.

Checking is important. Each insurance plan and place might have different rules. So, always check to see if your plan works at Apria.

Tips to Remember

  • Your insurance card is key. It has info you need.
  • Asking questions is okay. It helps you understand insurance.
  • Rules can change. Stay up to date with your insurance.
  • Insurance can seem hard. But, it’s there to help you.

What Insurance Does Apria Healthcare Accept: Full Guide


Frequently Asked Questions Of What Insurance Does Apria Healthcare Accept: Full Guide

Does Apria Healthcare Accept Medicare?

Apria Healthcare is a participating provider with Medicare, covering various medical equipment and services under Medicare guidelines.

Can I Use Medicaid At Apria Healthcare?

Yes, Apria Healthcare accepts Medicaid but coverage may vary by state, so it’s advised to check with your local Apria branch.

What Private Insurance Plans Work With Apria?

Apria Healthcare partners with multiple private insurers. It’s best to confirm with them directly for a comprehensive list of accepted plans.

Is Apria In-network For Major Insurance Providers?

Apria Healthcare typically works with many major insurance providers, but in-network status can differ, hence verifying with your insurer is crucial.


Healthcare is important for everyone. Knowing if Apria Healthcare accepts your insurance makes things easier. We hope this guide was helpful for kids and parents. Remember, health leads to smiles.


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