Features and Benefits of Voice Logger Solution

Voice Logger Solution

Today, businesses are facing a lot of challenges in this competitive world. Customers have got several choices when it comes to buying products and services. From small companies to large companies, all need an effective tool for communication with customers. To solve the problem of communication, voice loggers are being used by businesses these days. A voice logger is a program or software utilized to record audio information via telephones, microphones, radios, and other sources used for storage on a PC’s hard drive or removable media.

Let’s talk about Call Recording Solution

We all know, phone calls are the best way to communicate. From the past few years, the interactions are done over phone calls and have played a major role in businesses for their daily operations. Bookings, payment collection, customer complaints, etc are being done through phone calls these days and hence it is necessary to record such calls for future reference.

Voice logger System is an easy and reliable voice recording system that helps to improve customer service by reviewing phone conversations with customers. It is being used in several sectors such as IT companies, BPOs, Corporate, Banking/Financial sectors, Hospitals, etc for recording and analyzing telephone interaction.

Features of Voice Logger solution are:

  • Record limitlessly: You can record all the conversations automatically and keep a track of all the interactions taking place between agent and customer for quality assurance.
  • Search effortlessly: It is easy to search via voice records rather than via menus and buttons that might take more time.
  • Back-up data: You have a backup drive in which you can save all the call records and also select the records you need to back up at regular intervals.
  • Don’t worry about security: Call records are like data that needs to be secured and therefore it only provides access to in-house managers, supervisors, or other team members who are important. Any sensitive data in the wrong hands can cause big damage to your company’s reputation.
  • Can be stored in multiple formats: If you want to save space then convert the voice logs to MP3 format or choose other formats that will suit your requirements.

Benefits of voice logger solutions

  • Improve quality control: By using a voice logger solution, the daily interaction between employees and customers can assist to understand how customers are using products and how, and what they like about it. When you know all these things then you can meet your customer’s expectations in a much better way thereby improving the quality of your products and services.
  • Customer satisfaction: Customers are considered the backbone of any business whether small or large. Customer interaction is an important part of any business and with a voice logger system, you are actually on the front line. If something is going wrong, you can look at the issues by going through the calls.
  • Sales Training: As said, recording phone calls is important and can be for future reference. The recorded data then can be used to give effective sales training to junior agents and trainees.
  • Performance reviews: There are promotions, perks, etc that are given to employees based on their performance. With a voice logger solution, you can keep a track of your employees. Likewise, the employees can also go through their phone calls and improve their performance based on the mistakes they have made.
  • Compliance: Many sectors like banks, insurance companies are required to record all the interactions due to government compliance, and at that time it becomes important to record all the communication.

Sometimes customers or employees can make false allegations against your companies, that time the recorded calls can help in bringing the right side of the story. 


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