Vastu Tips for your restaurant

Each and every person is having their own different dreams in their life which they want to achieve and most of the people have been seen to have the dream or goal to either their own restaurant or to become in charge of one. But it is crystal clear that not any fellow is able to complete their dream of the opening restaurant because, in order to open the restaurant, there are too many other factors which affect and due to this reason, it is considered to be a great deal. The most important factor of this business is that you need to keep each and everything perfect and due to which you will obviously want to each and everything smooth and that’s where this article is going to help you because in this article we are going to help you with one of the most fluctuant factors which can either affect most worse or either it can help you in such ways in which you have never seen. In this article, we are going to provide you with different tips from this art of Vastu Shastra from which you are able to keep this factor of astrology in the favour of your dream restaurant.

Vastu tips are being provided below

It is obvious that there are some things which are very important in this field of restaurant and out of those some are provided below –

  • Kitchen

As per the art of Vastu Shastra, it can be shown to you that kitchen of your restaurant should be facing south and by any chance or due to any reason if it is not possible for you then it can be stated that you put your cooking stove in the southeast direction of your kitchen because, as per this art the direction of the south is very convenient for the purpose of cooking food which can help you in making goodwill of your restaurant.

  • Dining hall

With the help of Vastu Shastra, it can be known that you should always construct your restaurant in such a way that the area of the dining hall should be in the west direction. Because, as per this art of astrology there is no other direction in which you should have your dining hall built.  If due for some reason it is not possible for you to built-in that direction then the direction of the east can also be considered as lucky. If there is a situation in which you have constructed your kitchen in the south direction then you should construct it in the west direction.

  • Dining room

The dining room is such place in any restaurant which plays a very important role because it describes many things about that place like their standards and culture which also affects on the profits of the restaurant and due to this reason as per the view of Vastu Shastra it can be stated to you that washbasin of your restaurant in the northeast direction. And not just only this but, it can also be stated that you should paint the yellow color to the doors of the dining room in order to keep the planet of Jupiter on your positive side.

  • Toilet

On the subject of the toilets, Vastu shastra is having rather strict rules as they should only the built in either the west or east direction of your restaurant. If you are not able to construct them in that situation then also it is, okay but you can never build toilets in the northeastern direction of your restaurant because it is having a very negative impact on the people who are going to use them. The washbasin which is present side the toilet should be placed on east directions only.

  • If you are going to construct your restaurant now then as per the planetary situation you are guided that you should construct in such a way that north and east direction parts of your restaurant should be airy or empty.
  • You should not keep much cash in your wallet or storage. If you are going to install electronic amenities in your restaurant then as per this art of Vastu shastra that you should have them only in the western directions of your restaurant.

So, this was all the possible information which can be provided to you in this article. We are hoping that you have found this article informative and you would surely have found or this which will surely help you to construct certain thing while also making this factor of astrology in the favor to you which will help you in long run. So, if you are in need of any kind of more tips in this field of astrology or you are facing any kind of problems in your life and you are in need of any kind of astrological help then as per our view you should contact to Astrologer in Ahmedabad.

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