Best TCL 6-Series Roku LED TV Review


All About the TCL 6-Series Roku Box

The TCL 6-Series Roku box provides access to movies, TV and movies, sports, news, and video on demand. In fact, you can have your favorites stored up to your heart’s content. What more, it even has lots of network options, like Internet television. All the features are here for you to enjoy.

With a Roku TV or another Box, you’ll be able to watch, pause, fast forward, rewind, and you’ll be able to record your favorite shows, so you don’t have to miss the next episode. You can watch without headphones if you like, or without the TV. It’s all in your hands.

In addition, a digital video recorder is an option, which will let you record programs, games, and also videos and pictures to keep for later viewing. If you don’t want the TV to end up in a dust bunny, then this is the box for you.

It’s portable too, so you can take it on the go and not have to use any cables or wires. No wires mean more storage space and more room for your entertainment needs. It’s space-efficient too since it only weighs in at a mere 5 pounds.

If you’re wondering how the TCL 6-Series Roku can be so small, well it’s made from sturdy materials and the Toshiba TCL Corporation was able to get it to a much lower price. This is one small box, you should not hesitate to buy!

You can take it anywhere, without wires and without any boxes. You can even take it with you when you travel. What more could you ask for? Find out what is included in this box. You’ll find the traditional box, but there’s also one that can be opened. There’s even a model that can be used right from the TV and one that can be connected over the internet. Whatever you like, they all fit your needs.

These remote controls are easy to operate and use your voice. There’s a Bluetooth version too. Now you have the option of turning the TV off using the remote. And, you can also get to the couch, rather quickly as well.

You can have family fun times and watch movies with friends, while the TV is turned off. No more disarraying your living room when you go to the movies. Just use the TV remote control and your movie or TV show is all set.

This simple home theatre system can also be set up in the bedroom or den. With the easy-to-use remote controls, you’ll have no trouble finding the settings you need.

You can still watch TV, without needing to get up and turn on a TV or play around with the buttons. Even if you do set up a second screen, then your TV doesn’t have to stay plugged in all the time.

With the huge variety of options, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for and find the quality features you want. Take your pick from the TCL 6-Series Roku Box, as long as you like – you can’t go wrong!


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