Things to look for while buying a table tennis table

Table tennis is a very famous sport that is known and played globally. Owing to its worldwide popularity, this sport was also included in the Olympics in the year 1988 with participants from all over the world representing different countries. This game involves two or four players hitting a lightweight ball towards each other using small rackets. Also known as ping-pong and whiff-whaff, this game is played on a hard surface table with a net divider in the middle.

As per some online survey, over a million Australians play table tennis every year. This is a very popular and savored sport in the region. A large number of people like participating in this sport regularly and every once in a while. There’s nothing very professional about this game as such. Just because it is one of the Olympic games does not mean you can’t play it for fun and recreational purposes. There are some incredible tennis players across the globe and you can surely be one of them if you have the talent and dedication.

However, a majority of people like to play this sport as a leisure activity in clubs and their personal spaces. If you are one of them who’s looking for buying table tennis tables in Australia, here are a few key elements you should consider before making the purchase decision.

  • Adjustability

This is one of the most important and primary factors to consider before buying table tennis tables. Consider the space availability in the area you are planning to keep your tennis table and whether you want to keep it in a permanent position or not. There are a variety of tennis tables available in the market with features like movability, folding edges, etc. Hence it is important to know the space limitation before picking from the varied range of tables.

  • Table width

Another key factor to look for while buying a tennis table is the thickness of the table. Many well-known tennis players and experts have asserted that the width of the table determines the quality of the playing experience to a great extent. It is said that there should be a 1-inch thickness on the tabletop for an amazing bounce. There is a wide range of tables available with different table widths that you can choose from. While tables of 12 mm table-top thickness should be completely avoided due to awful bounce, an 18 mm and above thickness is ideal for personal and club playing purposes. The prices of these tables increase with an increased tabletop thickness, choose the right ones even if they are a little pricy.

  • Table stands and leveling

A good-quality tennis table will have strong supporting strands with height adjusters at the bottom. These will help you in fixing the table on uneven surfaces as well. The tennis board should be flat structured with no curve or bending at any corner point. A distorted tennis board will affect the bounce hampering your playing experience. Hence, make sure they are flat and plain surfaces.

  • Net quality

A paramount feature to consider before buying table tennis tables in Australia is the quality of nets. There are wide-ranging categories and quality of tennis nets available in the market. All of them have differing utilities, you need to choose the right ones that suit your requirement. While some nets come with the table itself, in most cases you need to purchase the nets additionally. These nets can be attached to the table in three different ways. You can either permanently affix the nets or go with removable spring-loaded nets. You can also bind the net to the table using the screw clamp method. All these are easy to fix methods and you can choose from any of them.

Now that you know the basic elements to look for while buying table tennis tables in Australia, go ahead and purchase the best one for you that is sure to last long and give a pleasing fun time.

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