Top 7 Diseases and Reasons Behind Heart Problems and Lifestyle Changes to Avoid and Treat

Did you know that 30 million adults have heart problems in the US alone? So, we will talk about some reasons behind heart problems that should be taken care of. We will try to analyse the methods that can help mitigate these health problems. We will try to focus on lifestyle changes and natural medicines for its solution.

Reasons Behind Heart Problems

Heart problems do not just occur; there are risk factors, reasons and diseases that lead to them. So, we will try to evaluate these factors.

Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases are among the causes of heart problems. Autoimmune diseases include all that health problems that cause an attack on some part of the body. Some autoimmune diseases that can cause this problem are.

  1. Lupus is one of the top reasons for heart problems like CAD. CAD or coronary artery disease causes a build-up of material in the arteries.
  2. Another disease that can cause heart problems is Psoriasis. It is a type of inflammation that leads to affecting the heart and blood vessels. This actually causes greater chances of heart problems.
  3. Diabetes type 2 is a disease that can lead to heart problems symptoms and worsening of symptoms too. This autoimmune problem can lead to the weakness of blood vessels and the heart. This means that there are chances of heart problems worsening if you have high blood sugar.
  4. The experts also say that people with arthritis are at high risk of cardiovascular problems. 

Make sure that you treat the aspects of these health problems that lead to cardiovascular problems.

Some Other Diseases and Reasons

In this section, we will talk about some other top reasons for health problems. Some other top reasons for this problem are

  1. Smoking is one of the top reasons behind heart problems. What smoking does is increase plaque in the blood vessels. This leads to tightening blood flow capacity from these vessels.
  2. High levels of bad cholesterol in the body are directly proportional to heart problems. This cholesterol build-up leads to a build-up in the blood vessels. What this causes is too much pressure on the heart when it pumps blood. So, try to keep your body cholesterol to a normal level.
  3. High blood pressure can also lead to problems of the heart as it makes blood vessels less elastic. This causes a decreased flow of blood and oxygen through the heart. The same problem can also cause angina that can be quite painful.

These reasons can be reduced directly or in an indirect manner. You can try some lifestyle changes like foods, exercises, and natural medicines for this problem.

Lifestyle Changes

You can remove some top reasons for heart problems with the help of some lifestyle changes. 

Foods to Take

There are many health problems that you can remove with the help of food intake. Some top foods that you should capitalise the intake of are

  1. The use of leafy green vegetables can help reduce heart problems. Some top vegetables you can use for this are spinach and kale.
  2. Whole grains are helpful to reduce bad cholesterol.
  3. Berries are among the top fruits that you can use to keep your heart healthy. You can reduce your LDL levels with these fruits.
  4. The use of Omega-3 fatty acids is recommended for people with heart problems. This nutrient can help improve overall and heart health.
  5. The use of beans can help improve heart health.

Try using these foods to get the maximum level of heart health.

Foods to Avoid

Some foods that can cause early heart problems and can aggravate them are

  1. Foods that are high in sugar, salt, and fat content cause problems in people with heart problems.
  2. Red meat also contains saturated fats that can lead to heart damage. So, keep its intake low.
  3. Processed foods can too worsen health with their high salt and saturated fat content.
  4. Limit the use of bread, white rice and pasta to improve your heart health and weight levels.
  5. Alcohol is one of the drinks that you need to avoid for problems.

Try to avoid these foods as much as you can. Removing them from your diet would ensure improvements.


Exercise is the best lifestyle change that you can use to improve health. This method helps you by lowering blood pressure and improving your heart rate. Exercise can also help by lowering cholesterol levels in the body that would help too.

The best type of exercise for heart health would be resistance training. This kind of training can help reduce heart rate and help by reducing cholesterol levels.

Herbal Products

The use of some herbal products from Ajmal Dawa khana can help too. Some top medicines on this list are

  1. Dawa-ul-Misk Motadil Jawahar
  2. Mufarreh Azam
  3. Mufarreh yaqooti
  4. Mufarreh sheikh ul rais
  5. Khameera goazaban ambri
  6. Aqr goazaban
  7. Habbe Jawahar

These heart medicine options are helpful for heart disease treatment and overall health. The benefits of the medicine are in following

  1. These medicines strengthen heart functions.
  2. You can use these for palpitations and loss of energy as well.
  3. You can use these medicines to improve cardiac nerve energy.
  4. These medicines can help increase blood circulation in the body.

Try using these herbal products after you have made lifestyle changes.

Last Word

We talked about some top diseases that lead to heart issues. Some top diseases are lupus, diabetes, high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure that need to be taken care of. Moreover, taking high fibre, omega-3 fatty acids content would help. At the same time, the use of sugary, low fibre and high-fat content is not recommended. Two of the best natural methods for heart problems are exercise and herbal medicines. You can use herbal products for better overall and heart health that you would love to use.

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