Why Smartphone Manufacturers Are Focusing On Mid Budget Range Phones In 2021

The market dynamics of the smartphone market has evolved in 2021. Increasingly, manufacturers are focussing on mid-budget phones more than ever before. The increased supply is because more consumers desire a mid-budget range smartphone. Read on to know why.

Market penetration

Over the last couple of years, the usage of smartphones has penetrated to newer regions. The consumer in such a setting is not focused on owning the latest flagship model. They are more interested in getting the most value for their money. The mid-range phones hit the sweet spot between entry-level and higher-end phones. They are economically priced and yet have competitive features.

Features list

Manufacturers sometimes blur the lines between the features of their mid-range and higher-end phones. If you look carefully, there are a wide range of different models in the same price range. Each of them has a few select features that are usually on a top-end phone, but not all of them. So, if you are keen on getting excellent photos with a mid-range phone, you can choose from the models with exceptional camera combinations. If you are a gamer, mid-range phones with higher refresh rates and faster processors with different RAM options. If you are looking for a phone with good looks, even mid-range phones have edge-to-edge displays, some with fingerprint sensors. Bigger batteries and fast charging are also offered on mid-range phones. Truth be told, not all buyers of high-end flagship phones use all the features. Mid-range phones just let you choose the combination of features that suit your needs best.

Puzzling specs

Sometimes, mid-range phones have certain features that are more desirable than the latest flagship models. There are so many flagship phones in the market that do not support 5G. But, a budget Oppo Phones such as the A74 5G phone that is under 20000 has 5G support. It also has a 5000 mAh battery with 18W fast charge support and a 90Hz LCD Display. The battery on this phone will last you longer than some of the flagship phone batteries. When you need a workhorse of a phone that you do not have to worry about charging, life becomes just a little bit easier. One more simple feature that the higher-end phones do not have is a headphone jack. Plenty of people still feel very comfortable with their wired earphones and are unwilling to change their habits.


Top-end phones are so good-looking that some people buy them just for their beauty and brag value. But, mid-range phones are not far behind. For example, Oppo phones F11 Pro is a mid-range phone that offers you a full-screen display. The wide range of colors and finishes in the mid-range market has far outnumbered the top-end.


If you want a good camera on your smartphone, you no longer have to shop from high-end offerings. There are plenty of options with quad-camera setups on very affordable phones.


Earlier, companies gave their mid-range phones less competent processors than the flagship models. But, increasingly, mid-range phones are being equipped with processors and RAM that support exceptional performance. This makes buying the Best Phone Under 30000 more attractive than owning an expensive flagship model. When you can get more bang for your buck with a cheaper phone, why not?


PUBG and other games caught on like wildfire a couple of years ago. The variety of games that are available now is huge. If people were to save up for a flagship phone to enjoy the latest game, games would not be easily accessible. The consumption of news, media, and entertainment has also moved significantly to smartphones. So, when there is a solid demand for affordable and capable phones, the manufacturers will have to adapt their strategies to suit.

Sign of the times

The pandemic had also locked people in their homes and made them more reliant on technology for daily tasks. With tight budgets and the need for more robust devices, the demand for affordable yet powerful devices has gone up. When the parents need a device for work and each child needs one for online classes, top-end smartphones are not an option.

There are plenty of reasons to covet a mid-range phone. Manufacturers are releasing a slew of phones that are loaded with features but light on the wallet. Brands such as Oppo phones are churning out models to rival flagships. It is an excellent time to be looking for the best phone under 30000 in today’s market.


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