How Do I Fix Error 6189 and 816 in QuickBooks?

Getting QuickBooks 6189 and 816 error codes while trying to open the company file? We can help. The QuickBooks 6189, 816 error code appears when users try to access their company files and it emerges due to many underlying factors.

In this informative blog, we’ll explain the causes behind this troublesome error and the best fixation methods that help users to solve this error code. So, let’s begin

What Causes QuickBooks Error 6189 And 816?

Finding out the causes for this error will help users understand and prevent this error from occurring again. This error generally emerges due to an existing corruption in your company file.

However, we’ve listed some major factors that cause the QuickBooks error 6189 and 816 below:

  • Trying to operate a QuickBooks company file while it’s in use.
  • Improper QuickBooks installation or downloading the software from a corrupt link.
  • Accessing the company file from a folder missing read/write permission.
  • Corruption in “.TLG”, “.ND” or “.QBW” files.
  • Corrupt Windows registry.
  • Using Single or multi-user mode.
  • Windows corruption also leads to this error.
  • Outdated QuickBooks.

Best Fixation Methods For QuickBooks Error 6189, 816

Upon finding the causes for QB 6189 and 816 errors, it’s time to explore the methods that are effective in fixing this error. Let’s start.

Method 1: Install QuickBooks Tools Hub And Run QuickFix Program

The QuickBooks tool hub contains several tools inside it that fix errors such as company files, installation, QuickBooks error 6189 and 816, etc. Follow these:

  • First, close QuickBooks and download (QuickBooksToolHub.exe) from Intuit’s website.
  • Then, launch the setup and install the tool hub by following the on-screen tutorial.
  • Upon its installation, launch the tool hub and permit for any permissions.
  • Next, visit “Program-Problems” and opt for “QuickFix Program”.
  • Finally, launch the QuickBooks application and access your company file.

Generally, this method fixes the QB Error 6189, 816 for the majority of users, in case the error still persists, proceed next.

Method 2:Perform System Reboot

Your system might be facing some technical issues that result in QuickBooks Error Code 6189 issue. Hence performing a system reboot is a must. Follow these:

  • First, reboot the server system which is hosting the company file.
  • Then, reboot each workstation and launch “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Finally, run your company file and it won’t display the 6189, 816 error code.

Method 3:Update QuickBooks

QuickBooks updates help QuickBooks free from any errors and issues. It includes bug fixes and features that are necessary for QuickBooks Users. Hence, users must check and install the updates periodically. Follow these:

  • First, ensure admin rights and launch “QuickBooks”.
  • Then, click “Help” and “Update-QuickBooks”.
  • Next, “Mark-All” and “Save” respectively.
  • Now, “Save” settings and hit “Update-Now”.
  • Finally, click “Get-Updates” and ensure to download the available updates.

After updating QuickBooks, ensure that the error remains.

Method 4: Rename (ND) Network Data And (TLG) Transaction Log File

The (TLG) and (ND) Files are configuration files used by QuickBooks for interacting with a QBW file in multi-user mode. If these files become corrupt, the QuickBooks Error 6189 816 appears on the system.

Fortunately, the ND and TLG files automatically fix themselves when users rename them. Here’s how:

  • First, reach out to the folder containing your company file.
  • Then, find your company files having “.ND” and “.TLG” extensions (as given below):
  • Next, select the.ND file and tap-right.
  • Now, select “Rename”.
  • Finally, input “OLD” at last and repeat the same for the “.TLG” File.

Now that the files are renamed, try working on your company file and if you face the error again, run QuickBooks DB Server.

Method 5: Run QuickBooks Database Manager

Running QuickBooks DB Server Mgr on the server helps stabilize the multi-user network and eliminates the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 6189, 816.

You must’ve installed the QuickBooks-Database-Server-Mgr.exe” from Intuit’s website prior to performing the below steps:

  • Launch QB Tools Hub and reach “Network-Issues”.
  • Run “QuickBooks-Database-Server-Manager”.
  • Click “Browse” then select the Company file and “Start Scan”.
  • Upon completing the scanning process, tap “Close”.

Now, try operating your company file and you won’t face the QB Error 6189 and 816 code on your system.

Method 6: Repair Company File

A corrupt company file also causes the QuickBooks error 6189 and 816 on the system. Hence, it should be repaired by QuickBooks File Repair Doctor. Here’s how:

  • First, launch “QuickBooks-Tool-Hub.exe”.
  • Then, reach “Company-File-Issues”.
  • Next, run “QuickBooks-File-Repair-Doctor”.
  • Finally, “Browse” the company file and click “Continue”.

Now the File Repair doctor tool will remove any issue from your company file. Thereafter, do a restart and look for the QB 6189, 816 error appearance.

Method 7: Check Your Company Data File Location

It is crucial that the . QBW company files should not be on external storage like a removable hard drive or pen drive. Thus, copy your company file and move it to the Desktop.

Wrapping Up

The QuickBooks Error 6189, 816 causes users a lot of trouble and prevents them from working on their company files. However, with the above-mentioned methods, the QB 6189, 816 error can be eliminated permanently.

Moreover, the mentioned causes for this error will help users to avoid facing this error again and the content we deliver to you is verified by our experts.

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