Pre-Employment Screening in Malaysia: An Evidence-based Selection of the Right Candidate

Importance of Pre-Employment screening

Why candidate screening is important in the recruitment process? If you have this question in your mind then you have landed on the right page. Pre-employment screening plays a vital role in hiring the right candidate. It is an evidence-based and speedy selection process of the potential candidates for businesses.

As a recruiter, one of the most important tasks for you is to follow a proper candidate screening procedure. It is a huge responsibility to analyze hundreds of CVs for a vacant position and then decide on moving one of them forward. You may find it difficult to make the right decision based on insufficient and incomplete information.

Therefore, the best idea for the companies to select the most suited candidate is through pre-employment screening in Malaysia. Usually, companies look for better ways to enhance the screening process and develop a more legitimate recruitment process. Pre-employment tests integrated with new screening tools allow the recruiters to speed up the recruitment process and select an ideal candidate for a given position.

Indeed you must be aware that recruitment of a new employee in your company incorporates many long-term investments related to training and onboarding. So, keeping the expenses in mind, you must make the best hiring decisions. Remember, your decisions will have a major impact on your company.

Some of the impacts include increased productivity and lower turnover rates. However, if you fail to hire an ideal candidate for a role, then there are possibilities that the new employee won’t perform on the job and your company will end up losing time, effort, and money on him.

Having discussed the importance of pre-employment screening in Malaysia, now let’s have a look at some of the obvious reasons to implement it in the recruitment process.

Strengthen your Recruitment Process

Do you want to avoid recruiting an inappropriate candidate for a given position? The only way to make it possible is by improving the quality of your company’s recruitment procedure. However, keep in mind that it requires you to go beyond the traditional methods of recruitment. The best way to strengthen your recruitment process is by implementing pre-employment screening. It allows you to efficiently screen the candidates.

One of the other aspects of hiring the right candidate is conducting a pre-employment test. This test allows you to assess a candidate’s capabilities such as skills, emotional intelligence, cognitive ability, personality, physical ability, and honesty and integrity.

A pre-employment test is an effective method to predict an ideal fit for the company as well as job performance. But, make sure to carefully choose the tests to use during the hiring procedure. The tests should be job-related, well-developed, legal, and scientifically proven. This is very important as it can be used as a reliable source of information to predict a candidate’s performance across various job categories.

Make Better and Reliable Hiring decisions

Most often candidates provide misleading and false information in their CVs to impress the recruiter during the face-to-face interview process. This makes the hiring process unreliable and inappropriate. Do you know, a personality test can help you to gather reliable data and make better hiring decisions?

As a recruiter, if you want to measure the occupational scores and workplace personality traits of a potential candidate then the best idea is to implement a personality test in the recruitment process. It will help you to predict a candidate’s job performance. Some of the important personality traits in one’s job performance are leadership qualities, cooperating motives, and achievements striving nature.

A pre-employment test allows you to get an overview of a candidate’s behavior, tendencies, willpower, and of course the capability to out-perform in the job role. So, it is a better way to assess a potential candidate than simply analyzing a CV.

To conclude, the pre-employment screening in Malaysia helps the companies to identify the best fit as well as exceptional candidates for their businesses. It is a driving force of your recruitment process that helps you to make the best hiring decisions and avoid the high costs of bad hires.


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