NextGen EMR Top 5 Functions and Features

NextGen EMR comes loaded with state-of-the-art and, well frankly, NextGen EMR features. Everything from basic EHR functionality to in-depth analysis is built into the software. However, the most considerable boost in productivity comes from the interoperability features. The EHR, finance, and patient portal modules can be separately and work with any other third-party EHR. This is especially useful for users who need only one module and are otherwise satisfied with their current EHR solution.

Moreover, the financial capabilities are also NextGen and will provide you with in-depth As the name suggests, ‘NextGen’ is filled to the brim with state-of-the-art functions and features that will assure that your practice has more efficient workflows, higher quality healthcare, and a more refined bottom line.

With that said, it’s also important to know the philosophy behind the features offered. NextGen EMR wishes to save providers time by reducing their time in front of an EHR screen and improving the quality of care. The way they achieve this goal is simple. First tFirst, they provide essential features that just work with minimal bugs and quirks.

However, there’s more; otherwise, the software would be called ‘BasicFeatures EMR’ instead of ‘NextGen EMR.’ The NextGen bit comes in the form of data utilization that identifies gaps in care provision, demographic analytics, and revenue leakages.

We are now getting to the matter at hand, NextGen EMR Features and Functions.

Connected Care and Interoperability

Interoperability refers to the capacity of various information technology systems to communicate and exchange user data. Organizations must acquire and share information both inside and outside their networks to provide the best possible care at the lowest possible cost. With NextGen’s integrated, interoperable solutions and services, you can optimize the value of your existing technology for enhanced outcomes and completely connected patient care.

A few ‘NextGen’ Interoperability features are;

  • Exchange of transactional data
  • APIs that are ready to use
  • Data collection
  • Conformity to a national interoperability framework

Population Health

Population Health Management is the collection and analysis of patient data from multiple sources. As a result, caregivers may improve clinical and financial outcomes by building a centralized, actionable patient record. NextGen’s population health management technologies enable you to engage patients while cutting costs and increasing treatment quality. NextGen EMR offers the following advantages in the population health category;

  • Analytics for population health
  • Identifying gaps in care and risk stratification
  • Coordination of care
  • Increasing resource use

Patient Engagement

Consumerism, patient expectations, and COVID-19 have all impacted the patient engagement environment. These needs are met by an online patient experience platform in a safe, comfortable, and seamless manner.

Furthermore, the patient portal includes medication renewals, confidential chats with peers and patients, and patient health records are also accessible.

Financial Management

In addition to invoicing and collections, financial management comprises all processes that efficiently capture money at the lowest possible cost. Financial management tools help your practice improve performance, increase income, rectify operational inefficiencies, and elevate results throughout the revenue cycle. The financial management talents are following:

  • Pre-service financial clearance and eligibility
  • Charge generation depending on rules
  • A/R management and clean claims
  • Contract recovery and auditing

Clinical Care

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, there’s clinical care—the topmost priority of any practice and the primary objective. There’s a long list of features and functions that will aid you in this area, as the purpose of any EHR solution is to help clinicians provide better care.

  • NextGen Healthcare can assist you in improving the quality and efficiency of care you give through;
  • Getting rid of after-hours documentation dictation through mobile solutions
  • Increasing employee retention by reducing administrative burdens
  • Increasing efficiency with a simplified (and configurable) approach

Providing specialty-specific material that is immediately integrated analysis to ensure that your bottom line is taken care of. NextGen EMR makes sure that there are no repetitions and codes are automatically carried forward during the billing process.

Lastly, patient portals are a must-have in today’s day and age. NextGen EMR will give your patients the ability to proactively stay on top of their health through its patient portal, which also comes equipped with online appointments.

Overall, the EHR is pretty solid and will give you everything you’ll ever need or want from your EHR system. Users have nothing but satisfactory experiences, and NextGen EHR is critically acclaimed and has received many awards.

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