Motorola Edge 20 review: Does it have the edge?

At the point when Motorola delivered its unique Edge series in mid-2020, it was about a hitting plan with, most conspicuously of each of them, a bended edge show. It was that watchword – edge – that characterized the item.

Streak forward barely a year and the Moto Edge is back for cycle two of every 2021 – in Edge 20 Lite, standard Edge 20, and maximal Edge 20 Pro structures – at the same time, hold tight a moment, where’s the bended edge show gone?

Truth be told: the Moto Edge 20 has a level screen. So has it in this manner lost its edge – metaphorically and in a real sense – or does its combination of reasonable value point and detail merge together to convey a mid reach handset with sufficient allure?

Design & Display

Throughout the last year or thereabouts there’s been expanding strain to fit increasingly more batteries into gadgets which, thus, has brought about them getting greater. Not simply on the askew either – there’s a 6.7-inch show here, which is daresay the standard nowadays – yet as far as thickness.

In any case, Motorola appears to have avoided that pattern as, fortunately, the Edge 20 is overall quite trim by plan. We need to say, after first moving into the Edge 20, it felt exceptionally invigorating to hold a handset that wasn’t obviously stout or weighty. That it doesn’t attempt to kill our pants’ pocket each time we set the gadget aside satisfies us.

We have just two protests: that threesome of camera to the back just a bit, which can get here and there, and it additionally causes ‘work area wobble’ when the gadget is sat level on its back; and the volume up/down buttons and finger impression login are so far up the Smartphone’s body that main those with uber fingers will see it regular to make changes with a one-gave hold.

Given its mediocre value point, however, we think the Edge 20’s plan is generally right on track. No, it doesn’t really feel like what we’d anticipate that an Edge product should be – all things considered, there’s no bended edge to the screen, correct? – however as far as being very much worked, with a strong casing, it conveys a downplayed at this point alluring figure.

Performance & Battery

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 778 stage, 6/8GB RAM
  • Battery: 4000mAh limit, 30W Turbo Charge
  • Network: Wi-Fi 6, 5G
  • Programming: Android 11

Obviously having a 144Hz board promptly raises worries with battery life, since it implies quite a lot more work is continually required. We’ve effectively said that the Edge 20 isn’t especially thick as far as work, as its battery isn’t tremendous – numerous leads have cells 25% more vast, for instance – at the same time, through some shrewd administration and the ideal decision to equipment, life span isn’t an issue.

Try not to anticipate that the Edge 20 should get you through over a day, since it scarcely can. In any case, we’ve been going to bed following 16 hours of utilization with around 25% charge staying every day. That is incorporated an hour of Strava utilizing GPS, an hour of Zwift Companion sync, an hour and a half of appropriate gaming, and the typical social and perusing pressures. It’s entirely adequate to not give you uneasiness.

That is down to the overall influence and programming we suspect. In the engine there’s Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 778 stage, complete with 8GB RAM. There’s likewise a Performance setting to allow ‘Smash support’ – which, we accept, includes using a portion of the on-board stockpiling to use as flood RAM.


Likewise not getting on board with the cameras over-burden fleeting trend, Motorola conveys three really helpful ones on the back of the Edge 20: an exceptionally steadfast primary camera (it’s 108-megapixels); an undeniably less undaunted 16MP super wide; and an even less unfaltering still 3x optical zoom. No messing about with superfluous profundity sensors, full scale optics or mono focal points that are simply superfluous. Keeping it easier in such a manner is admirable, without a doubt, albeit the real abilities of the cameras shift decently significantly.

The 108MP fundamental uses a nine-in-one handling technique to break down every nine ‘pixel’ lattice into only one comparing pixel in a subsequent picture – this implies more information can be caught and handled for better clearness and shading. It sounds valid in sunshine, as well, with good outcomes and decent utilization of high powerful reach (HDR) to keep openings adjusted in a wide range of conditions. However, low light? Not really. The Edge 20 truly discovers somewhat of a divider in such a manner, losing shading and much lucidity, yet creating tolerable pictures in Night Vision mode. At times shading balance is somewhat slanted as well.

The super wide camera can’t convey a similar lucidity as the fundamental, and the edges of pictures are delicate, as is regular of such a focal point. Simply try not to utilize this in low-light conditions, as while the primary sensor can pretty much pull off it, the super wide sensor can’t deal with things so well. However, for bunch shots, or when you really wanted to simply fit somewhat more in the edge, it’s still truly valuable to have.


The second-age Edge series feels like a takeoff from how the first affected Motorola. However, we can’t be pitiful with regards to an absence of a bended edge screen since, indeed, no one actually needs one of those. Also, the Edge 20’s showcase – because of its lucidity, shading and invigorating rate – is its champion selling point. Talk about flipping the story on its head.

In numerous ways the Edge 20 is an invigorating mid-range decision: it’s anything but a monster overthick section that puts battery limit in front of feel; it’s not got swollen programming that causes issues with the rudiments; it’s not packed with silly cameras, all things considered. Such a large amount of the opposition investigates those contrivances, yet Motorola just hasn’t here.

It is not difficult to defame the Edge 20 for turning the series on its head. In any case, in spite of the opposition being progressively solid, think about this gadget for every one of its qualities in this segment of the market and it’s an authentic victor. You will not regularly track down an untainted Android experience like this with a screen very as super at this value point. Along these lines, sure, there’s OnePlus and Oppo and Xiaomi, yet there’s still a lot of legitimacy in the Moto Edge 20 – we really incline toward it to the (upon reflection) overrated unique.


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