London vs Manchester: Which City Is Best for Students?

In the UK, both national and international students are highly privileged in terms of education. Thus, when it comes to studying abroad, most of the students decide to study in the UK. The reason is the quality of education in the region and the demand for UK-based degrees all over the world.

But many students have this concern which city would be more feasible to them in terms of education, living, socializing and all. This post will explore the answer to this question.

Significance of London & Manchester

Students who prefer to study in the UK, mostly opt from the two big cities of England i.e. London and Manchester. London is the capital while the name of Manchester comes right after London. These two cities compete with each other on all grounds such as tourism, trade or education, etc. So, it is difficult for the students to choose between these two. Here is the detailed guide which will help you make a wise decision.

London vs Manchester – A complete Guide for Students

Following are the facts and figures about studying in London and Manchester. Considering these points you can have a good study experience and where you can shine your academic career as well as brighten your future.

Educational Standards – London vs Manchester

Both the cities follow the UK educational standards so there is no difference between the quality of education in London and Manchester.

However, the degrees from the universities of London have more worth in the world as compared to Manchester. But taking admissions in the universities of London is far difficult than getting enrolled with the universities of Manchester due to the difference in candidate selection criteria.

Number of Universities and Colleges – London vs Manchester

There are 45+ universities and colleges in London. 18 universities of London are most recognized according to the world ranking 2022. About 16% of the UK’s total population studies in London universities. Almost 382,000 students are enrolled in these universities. The University College London and London School of Business are two of the most famous universities in London.

While, in Manchester, where are only 5 universities in total, containing the 104,000 student strength. These universities include the University of Manchester, Metropolitan University, University of Salford, University of Bolton, and University Academy 92.

Academic Help Opportunities – London vs Manchester

In London, students may find more academic help opportunities. Several London-based academic assistance websites are available which get the students to get good grades meeting the UK standards and London teaching criteria. Students can get help from an assignment writing service, essay help service or a dissertation writing service London-based more easily as compared to Manchester.

Tuition Fee – London vs Manchester

In terms of tuition fees, London is more expensive than Manchester. But specifically comparing the tuition charges of two famous universities, i.e. the UCL and the University of Manchester, you will find London more economical. UCL has an annual tuition of about £10064.83, while the University of Manchester charges a sum of £10357.84 per year. Take your decision on your own.

Extra-Curriculum Activities – London vs Manchester

Extra-curriculum activities are very important to keep students entertained and energetic. London is more efficient in offering extra curriculum activities in colleges and universities. About 210 extra-curriculum programs are offered in London, while in Manchester, you may have 60+ extra-curriculums. Thus, the choice is yours.

Scholarships – London vs Manchester

More than five renowned universities of London offer big scholarships including fully-funded degree programs. These scholarships are mentioned below:

  • Queen Mary, London – Unite Foundation Scholarship
  • Brunel University – Local Boroughs Scholarship
  • LSE – Betty MacQuitty Scholarship
  • Imperial College – Imperial Bursary
  • Pearson College London – Student Co-Creator Scholarship
  • University College – The Rose Bursary
  • BPP University – Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship
  • Goldsmith’s College – Lewisham tuition fee waivers

While, in Manchester, only the University of Manchester is offering fully-funded scholarships to national and overseas students.

By availing of the scholarships, you can save money for additional educational expenses, such as stationery, course books, and online academic help. You can buy dissertation online or can take assignment help using these savings.

Living Cost – London vs Manchester

Living cost in London is much higher in London as compared to Manchester. Students have to do part-time jobs to maintain their living standards in London. While in Manchester, it is less challenging to afford living costs. The cost details London vs Manchester are given below:

  • House Rent

In London, you will have to pay approx. £1,696.94 for a single bedroom apartment. While, in Manchester, this cost reduces to £859.30.

  • Utilities

The utility cost in London is up to £220.1. While in Manchester, you may pay the utility bills under approx. £185.86.

  • Transport

Transportation cost in terms of a one-way ticket is low in London as it cost £2.80, while in Manchester, it is £2.95. But when it comes to the taxi tariff, London again becomes expensive than Manchester as it cost £1.70 vs £1.22.

  • Meal

The meal is equal in cost in both the cities i.e. £15.00 on average. Now it depends on your taste and choice that which city you prefer in terms of food.

Sports and Other Activities

Again, London appears to be more expensive for the students in terms of sports and other leisure activities. The ratio here is £70.28/£44.28 between London and Manchester.

Social Development – London vs Manchester

The opportunities for social development are the same in both cities as they share the same culture, same language, and same standards of living. People in both cities are so welcoming and supportive that the students can have a friendly environment.

Hang out With Friends – London vs Manchester

Students who want to hang out with friends can find a number of picnic and hangout spots in both cities. London is richer in such enchanting places as The Tower of London, The Big Ben, St. Paul Cathedral, British Museum, London Eye, etc.

Additionally, London is a cheap pick and drop bus tour service that can bring you to multiple attraction sites, along with the audio and visual guide.

In Manchester, there are a lot of amazing spots like Opera House, Bolton Arcade, The Library of Chatham’s Hospital, etc. Manchester is also good and affordable for shopping. Further, there are multiple museums too.


The above-mentioned is the detailed account of which city students can choose to live and study. All the statistics and other information have been presented genuinely, now the decision is yours.

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