Lenovo Yoga 530

Lenovo Yoga 530

A few years ago Lenovo was best referred to as makers of solid if unremarkable laptops. Then along came Yoga. Lenovo was the primary to actually popularise 360-degree hinges, allowing you to flip your laptop into a tablet seamlessly. As more and more companies have copied that trend, Lenovo has rather lost their USP, but a minimum of they caught our attention enough to point out us that they are perfectly capable of creating a top-quality product a bit like the old favourites like Dell, HP, and Apple.

The design of the Yoga is modest and sleek, a pleasant matte black exterior, with a metallic-looking interior round the keyboard. The screen is wide and doesn’t waste an excessive amount of space with unnecessary bezels (although there’s an outsized one on rock bottom edge.)

Everything is perfectly in proportion here and neatly thought through. there is a wide keyboard with soft, quiet keys. A wide, bright Full HD screen. Two lovely old-fashioned USB ports (which is few given lately as most laptops transition to the smaller USB-C ports). you’ll even get a fingerprint scanner for added security and to form payments through Paypal more securely.

Like the Pixelbook, this is often a laptop-tablet hybrid, so you’ll flip the keyboard under the screen. Unfortunately, I found the unit to be a touch too heavy for that; at 1.6kg, it just doesn’t feel that comfortable in your hands or on your lap sort of a normal tablet. Also, i might have appreciated a magnet on the rear of the screen to lock the keys in situ.

The speakers are good quality, although they’re oddly positioned on the rock bottom of the laptop. Why fire the audio straight down, into your desk?

As with many laptops, you’ll fiddle with the precise spec of this laptop. The brand is currently stocking three different versions of the Yoga 530, and you’ll find further options across the web, each with slightly different processors, space for storing, and other internal specs. I tested the model with the Intel Pentium Processor and 128GB of storage, which suited my needs just fine.

On the surface, all look an equivalent, so confirm to read abreast of what you’re getting before you purchase.

All in all, there are wrinkles with the Yoga 530 that stopped me from pushing it higher on this list, but fundamentally, it does the work of everyday computing alright. In my eyes buying this laptop is that the technological equivalent of adopting an old labrador from the dog shelter. It’s no show dog, trying to dazzle you with fancy tricks, or a puppy, all newness and excitement. No, this is often a sturdy companion that’ll do what you would like it to and no more.

For those trying to find something basic, this is often a perfect unit for a good price.


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