How to take pictures with camera

You take pictures with the camera, but do you know how to take care of it will last for many days?

How to take pictures with camera, many people love to frame various moments of the city. However, no matter how good the camera of a smartphone is, it can never beat the DSLR. How much better it would have been to be able to capture the great sunset shots sitting at Prinsephat!

There are many such camera lovers. Someone who loves to take pictures always cares a lot about their camera. Do you also fall into that group? But DSLR is not just about taking pictures around the shoulder! Sader device must be taken care of! The camera as well as the lens should not be neglected. Dust often accumulates in the lens. So the image quality is not good.

So follow some precautions. Be careful to not let dust, sand, water, or moisture damage your expensive camera in any way. Hadish bought the camera and took care of it then. If you haven’t bought a ‘camera cleaning kit’ at the time of buying the camera, buy that kit now. Although the price of the kit is a bit high, to take care of your camera, the kit is a must.

Don’t like the free bag with camera at all? Going out on the street with the camera in hand? Doing so will increase the risk. There are various camera bags available in the market. So take the camera in your bag. This will protect your camera. It is best to clean the camera lens body and lens glass with a soft brush. When cleaning the telephoto lens, the lens should be moved to the utmost zooming position.

Use a ‘hand air blower’ to wash the dust and dirt that has accumulated inside the camera. In this case, never use a canned air blower, as excessive pressure can damage the camera. Use a ‘microfiber’ cloth to wash the lens glass.

Use a ‘microfiber’ cloth to clean the lens glass. Clean the lens by turning the cloth in a circular motion from the middle of the lens glass to the outside. Always keep the face of the camera body down when changing the lens. Make sure the lens is usually covered with an end cap.

Do not leave the camera lens cover unattended for too long. When the work is done, make it a habit to put on the cover immediately. This will reduce the dust on your camera. Be sure to keep an eye out for the camera strap to fit properly. Danger can happen only if you are careless.

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