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Hoover windtunnel 3 high performance pet bagless

The bagless cleaner cleans surfaces with a high-power brush roll. With fast cleaning exercise, It clears debris, specks of dirt, or fine particle away from the surface of the floor and furniture. The brush roll works fast that clean requires no using it over the floor twice. Just one stroll on the surface, it gets cleaned. The suction has a passage that can carry dirt, even to the packed-up dirt in the carpet or floor. The high performance of the cleaner is due to the wind tunnel system. It has a headlight that illuminates. That aids users to see, and clean the dirt ahead, and to spot particles that can be difficult to see in the dark. Its cyclonic system that has multifunction gives efficient cleaning exercise with the suction tool still present. It works in a way that when it is time to clean a surface, the air produced in the vacuum cleaner goes through the cyclone part that is 13 in number. The dirt gets picked and clear along the path at which the air comes through.

It has a switch where the brush roll can be turned on or off, with cleaning tools that fit into corners that are hard to reach. The brush roll works two times faster, quicker, and accurately. The long extended hose can get to distance far above the floor which removes cobwebs, spiders from the ceiling. The HEPA system that sucks in the dirt using air clears up all the dirt, dust from the surface of the carpet, rug, or some other household tool. The filter removes smell that got stuck to the floor leading to less contaminated air. It also picks furs that refuse to be swept away with ease.

This wind tunnel 3 cleaner has a cord of 40ft. With this, you get to move comfortably, and it has a dirt tank that can be easily recycled when it is full of dirt. It works not only on carpet but can also work on floors, stairs, upholstery. Its attached tools can be washed, which gives it a long-lasting use of the cleaner.

The wand is designed to reach 15ft. By this, it can be extended.  Its 49ft cord gives it an advantage because you can clean places far from where the machine is without removing the plug. It has a turbo tool like the blade that can be seen on the machine, which allows for the removal of furs on the floor or woolen cloth. It contains pet tools for cleaning furs. The bagless cleaner tools attachment is made consumable. It can be purchased when there is a need for it. Sturdy structure with a preferable hose length to that of Dirt Devil Dash Upright’s 6-foot hose. The pivot brushing equipment goes into the card to reach the part in the house or between two joints of objects or tools like the cushion crevice place.


  • Bagless
  • 40ft cord length.
  • Turbo tool aid for cleaning.
  • Hose 12ft extension.
  • HEPA filter system.


  • Its cleaning ability work 2times faster. You do not have to use it in a spot for a long period before getting the place clean.
  • Adjustable height to different 7 ways
  • It can be used between rooms without unplugging from the socket because of its orbit 40ft hose.
  • Work well for crevices, hidden places.
  • Washable filter and can be used again.
  • Headlight for visibility on hidden dirt.
  • It is cheap and affordable.
  • Deep cleaning powers.


  • Heavy and difficult to carry when climbing stairs.
  • Manual switching off and on of the valve from floor to wand.
  • Its suction is not that great to that of other models. The time at which it performs is limited.
  • The cord easily gets spoilt because of its structure and has to be manually on.
  • Tools do not fit in well. They fall off from the cleaner where it is attached to.
  • It does not work well on hard floors.
  • Absence of automatic power cord remover.

Some cleaners make use of the brittle but, the Hoover wind tunnel 3 is designed with blades that are rubber in nature which makes it a productive and efficient removal of dust particles that is available on furniture, floors, house filters, etc. We all want our house materials clean to provide a cool and betterment environment for living. The cleaner gives a refreshing smell and removes odor at the rate of 99.9percent removal. The cleaner has a dirtbag that stores dirt, which is picked or cleaned off from the floor, carpet, or rug. The dirtbag is designed in a way you do not extra effort to dispose of the dirt. It has an opening at the bottom to release the dirt.

The adjustable height varies in 7 different ways that tune into the height of people. Then you can get to places where your hand can’t reach. To get a desirable clean result, it will give you a radiating and pleasant clean job. It is used in offices, not only in homes or places with kids and pet animals. The Hoover wind tunnel 3 high-performance pet bagless cleans carpet, removes hair without causing damage to the surface. It can enter any openings to remove debris.

  • It is advisable to read up the cleaner manual before using, to guide and provide useful information for the handful of use of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Like before operating, take all the parts together.
  • Use the required voltage for it.
  • Switched off when not in use.
  • Do not plug it when it is not in use.
  • Avoid any contact with water, and do not use it outside.
  • Take away from children under the age of 12. Avoid placement of objects inside the hole or port finds around the vacuum cleaner. Keep a close watch on it.
  • Do not use it as a playing object.
  • Avoid using dejected tools for the cleaner. When it is not working properly take it to the repairer to fix it.
  • Handle with care to avoid self-injury during cleaning. 

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