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Hoover wind tunnel max capacity upright vacuum cleaner

This hoover wind tunnel max capacity upright vacuum cleaner machine in red color has an extra-large capacity of a waste tank where it reserves liquid to make cleaning possible for a long period. It also powers up with the input of 120volts. It cleans dirt, fine particles that can or cannot be seen with the naked eye, and fall-out hairs from humans and pets. Furthermore, it has a multi filtrate system that requires suction.

The machine does multitask work with effective and efficient performance. The hose attachment can be stretched and adjusted to about 12ft which could be used to clean places that hands can’t reach, like the ceiling or fan. It can also reach areas that can be difficult to get through, like between two objects that hands can’t pass through or get. It comes with tools like the brush used for dusting. Likewise, it sucks up dirt and takes out materials only on floors but on household furniture, the rug, the upholstery, and the rest. It has two action performances, the 16.1 pounds cleaner is designed in such a way that it can clean any large area with ease, which will make the work faster and less strenuous.

The powered machine work on any kind of floor, with the use of the wand tool, you can get into crevices that are dirty with comfort. The filtration property can be changed when spoiled. It has a dimension of 13 × 13.5 × 44.5 inches with no battery required. Picks up dirt by using the cleaner on top of anything you are cleaning. It also comprises a tank that can work to store water.

It consists of a replaceable filtrate, hose equipment attachment that aid in cleaning any floor design. Not only that, but its cleaning power is massive with suction well-placed. The vacuum cleaner has two hose tool which is extended to a desirable length. Stubborn hairs from a pet can be tackled by making use of its effective turbo equipment attached to the cleaner. The hose can change to reach corners.

With its well-designed structure, each tool gets a port where it can fit in. This makes it easy to operate. The vacuum cleaner cord has a length that can reach levels above the floor, and also a wind tunnel to see the work done. It comes with other tools that aid in maximum productivity and the work output of the machine to be efficient and effective. Some tools include a dirtbag, brush, cord, filter, and some tools for upholstery. They do a great job at picking out hairs, adjustable, and can do any amount of cleaning job.


  • It does not have a bag. It is a good bagless vacuum cleaner.
  • Made with cord.
  • Rubber blade that is not movable.
  • Attached with a hose.
  • Adjustable brush roll to clean.
  • Weighs 16.1lbs.
  • A vacuum cleaner with ScatterGuard machinery performs multi-floor work.
  • A wand that can reach a 12ft distance.
  • The extra-large size of a dirtbag prevents moving around for the waste bin while cleaning.
  • Attached HEPA filter that removes dirt, furs, from the floor.
  • Active suction makes the work easier.
  • Height adjustment into five different lengths.


  • Work on any floor.
  • It can easily clean up places that are not reachable like crevices in cars, edges of the floor to the wall.
  • Easily accessible with clear instructions in setting up the system.
  • Each tool with its spot then to switch function will be easy when cleaning.
  • Its dirt cup can be easily detached and cleaned with enough space.
  • The brush roll can be adjusted by the user, to be directed to the place wanted for cleaning.


  • Too many attached tools can get in the way of cleaning by falling off.
  • It is loud.
  • The brush roll can be impossible to stop. It is difficult for the cleaner to rub off dirt when used on the hard floor.
  • It can’t go into places with low areas like underneath a cabinet because of its high built design at the front.
  • The part which takes up the function of the cleaning is the cleaning power is not light weighted.
  • It does not have a headlight that illuminates to spot dirt.

It is an upright vacuum cleaner with 0.4 gallons of waste bin capacity, bagless, suitable for floors like rugs, marble, concrete, carpet, and has a standard filter type system. The rubber fins are present to help in the removal of stubborn hairs on your rug or floor. The deep clean performance on a carpet with little effort gives the cleaner credibility for its technology. It even shows a sign when there are some clogs or stuck dirt on the suction then you know it needs cleaning. To clean the suction, you can do that by:

Detaching the filter, take away the debris with a broom, then re-attach the filter back to the cleaner.

You can also take the dirt out by washing the filter with water. After making sure the dirt is out of the filter then you let it get dry.

To clean a large area of space using limited time, the hoover wind tunnel max capacity upright vacuum cleaner is made for that. It can clean dirt from household tools, or any surface with dust. The brush roll makes it possible with heavy-duty suction. Since it is a powered machine, it has to be carefully used, like avoiding water splash on the cleaner.

Though to adjust the height to a convenient length, it can be a bit difficult to turn the switch, but with time it eases up. It does not need the use of a professional cleaner to set up the vacuum cleaner. The part can be easily assembled with instructions and also available to be purchased when it needs changing. A well functioned cleaner for use.


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