Honor Magicbook 14

Honor Magicbook 14

Until a few years ago I’d never even heard of Honor, but it’s rapidly becoming one among my favourite tech brands out there. Why? Well, frankly, the costs . First there was the respect 9X; an honest smartphone costing just £219.99. The band followed this up with the respect Band 5, a Fitbit-quality fitness tracker costing about £100 less.

The Magic book is Honor’s first raid the planet of private computing but it’s an assured introduction. As I’ve come to expect from the Chinese company, the standard is impressive and it’s being sold for a price which seems almost ludicrous.

Let’s start with the surface. The Magic book may be a real looker, an all-metal dark grey chassis with an electrical blue trim around the edge. Thankfully, that chassis is additionally matte so neat freaks like me won’t get to worry about fingerprint marks. Yet despite being entirely metal on the surface, the Magic book isn’t particularly heavy. It’s just one .47kg and 15.8mm thick when closed so it’ll definitely slide into your bag with ease.

Opening it up you will find the huge 14-inch screen. The laptop has an 84pc body-to-screen ratio so you’re getting many space. Smartly, the webcam of the laptop is hidden within the keyboard allowing Honor to save lots of space on the highest bezel. The screen itself is well lit and hues looked good to my eye, though i will be able to say it didn’t wow me quite the maximum amount s the Google Pixelbook. it is not a touchscreen but honestly, that’s no great loss.

As for the rest? Well, the keyboard may be a comfortable size to write down on for extended periods and therefore the trackpad is positively massive. These aren’t, I’ll admit, things you’ll notice much when you’re using the laptop, but having tested quite a few at now, I do know how annoying it are often when either of those two features is too small. the ultimate thing worth mentioning is that the facility button doubles as a fingerprint scanner which may be a handy feature, saving you from having to place in your password whenever.

In terms of battery life, I’m impressed. Honour claim it can last 10 hours of usage on normal settings and that I can well believe it. I tested it in quite brightly lit room so I did not have the backlight turned up considerably and that I managed to form it last nearly 12 hours doing basic internet browsing and data processing. The laptop also comes with a USB-C charger which may take it from 0-46pc in half an hour.

I’ve also been seriously impressed with the speed of this thing. Booting up from off to the desktop takes but ten seconds, and you’ll go from standby to working in about two because of the fingerprint scanner. and truly, regardless of what i used to be doing, the Magic book never bogged down. Streaming 4K movies, playing video-games, video-calling. There was no lag, no overheating, no slowdown. It’s a powerful performance, the likes of which you rarely see on laptops at this price.

Unlike some modern laptops, you will not lack for ports either. there is a USB-C port which may be used for charging, two traditional USB ports, an HDMI port, and a headphone jack.

All in all, the Magicbook 14 is simply that: magic. I do not skill Honor are justifying selling it for £550 once they could definitely escape with charging more for these specs, but regardless of the case, this is often a bargain you’ll be wanting to snaffle.


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