How a Call Service can Help Your Handyman Business Grow

If you are offering handyman business services, then it must be a busy schedule for you the whole day. Service requests must be overflowing your phone line as well.

Clients who require handyman services like general repairs, maintenance works, or fix-up tasks must be giving you a tough time.

Answering all the calls must be very difficult for your in-house staff. But answering them professionally is extremely important if you want your handyman business to be a success. Otherwise, when the clients get a boring voicemail when they ring your number, chances are they will shift from you to your competitors.

Outsourcing your call handling to some professional answering services might be the best way in such cases. Answering every call is not the only benefit you’ll get but with the right handyman call service, you’ll get a load of other benefits. Here are some of them.

Use Your Resources for Other Things

As a small business owner, you must not be having all the resources you need to answer all service requests by yourself. Even if you have the resources, you are probably wasting your in-house staffs’ time and energy on things that are less important.

When you hire a professional answering service to handle all your service requests you are freeing up your resources that you can use elsewhere. When they are free from answering calls, they can work on other critical areas of your business that requires attention.

Answer All Your Calls

With a 24/7 answering service, each and every call will get answered. This is a big thing for any business. When all the calls from your clients get answered, your business is likely to be noted for its promptness. Clients hate voicemail when they call for requesting a service. Studies show that businesses that use voicemail lose over 50% of clients which can be a huge number. Not only clients, but the business also loses its credibility.

A 24/7 answering service will help in all your calls getting answered. Think about that. Each and every of your service calls will get answered which will only be good for your business.

Get Professional Contacts for Your Business

Small businesses often face the difficulty of not having professional call handlers for them. They often hire non-professionals and you might see your phones getting handled by students looking for summer work, a family member, or anyone else not trained to do the task.

But the main disadvantage with that is you lose customers. Any non-professionalism in handling calls, such as rude behavior or not being able to provide the correct information results in customers getting irritated and switching services from you to your competitor.

Customers can Reach You Anytime

Disasters do not happen by giving a missed call. They can happen at any time and with a professional call handling service, your customers can reach you any time, even at odd hours of the night.

As a handyman service provider, clients will need your service for a lot of things. For instance, if a storm strikes, clients might be clamoring for your attention after that. And if you are not available for them, then all you do is earn a bad repute for your business.

With a professional call handling service at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about unanswered calls. The professionals handling the calls will be thoroughly knowledgeable about your industry and thus can answer all the calls with utmost care.

If the callers have a situation that needs immediate attention, they can forward the calls to you. Or, if their requests can wait till the next morning, they can make appointments. A professional handyman call service will have enough knowledge about your industry and thus the clients will think they are talking directly to your business.

These are the benefits that you’ll get with a professional call answering service for your handyman business. As you can see, they are only beneficial to your business and will help your handyman business grow.

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