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Here is your Questions!

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What is your gender?

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Do you consume fast food?

4 / 13

Do you have any of these health conditions?

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On an average how much money do you spend on buying fast food per week?

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Please select a fast-food restaurant name you visit frequently.

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Has your purchasing habit ever been influenced by promotions of fast food chains on social media?

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Do your family members also consume fast food?

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Do you have a fixed meal time that you follow?

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How often do you consume instantly made food (like noodles, canned food, frozen food, food that can be prepared easily in a microwave) at home?

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Do you consume food at home that can be prepared instantly (like noodles, canned food, frozen food, food that is easily made in microwave)?

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How often do you consume fast food on a weekly basis?

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What are your thoughts on fast food consumption in relation to its health effects?

The average score is 22%


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