Free Amazon Gift Cards: 10 Easy Ways to Get Up to $700

I am a huge fan of Amazon. It’s likely that you are too! Everything you could possibly need is easily accessible and searchable on Amazon. Amazon website. If you’re a prime member as I am, then you appreciate the speedy and free shipping on the majority of your purchases and discount coupons in Whole Foods Market!

Amazon shopping Amazon is fun when you have an unpaid gift card balance or a credit left within you Amazon account. It’s even better if you receive the Amazon credit for free.

In this article I’ll explain how you can earn no cost Amazon gift card. These methods are legitimate and take only just a few minutes to setup.

How to get Amazon Gift Cards for Free? Gift Cards

1. Branded Surveys

earn Amazon Gift Cards through completing Surveys

Our top choice as the best survey website for earning points. You can cash on Amazon gift cards. Sign up and you’ll earn 100 points!

Begin by completing online surveys, conducting surveys, or referring your friends. You can easily accumulate points which you can then redeem to get gift cards for free.

1 point equals $0.01 You are able to earn points from your home at any time. The site is open to all those aged 16 or over.

2. Swagbucks

Daily Rewards plus 10$ Amazon Gift Card

In exchange for joining, you’ll receive an extra $20! With Swagbucks you can are also able to earn rewards points when viewing videos, participating in games or shopping on the internet, doing paid surveys, conducting internet searches and more. Then, you can exchange these points for a no-cost gift card.

Let Swagbucks aid you in getting cash (or the equivalent of an gift card) back into your pocket. These reward sites aren’t going to give you a fortune however every bit is worth it. If Prime Day rolls around you’ll get a few bucks to spend on an Amazon purchase.

Swagbucks can be 100% completely free for you to join and use. It is available to any person who’s 13 old or age or over.

3. KashKick

KashKick is a second legitimate platform that rewards users to complete online tasks. Although it doesn’t technically provide Amazon gift cards you can be cash-back using PayPal cash, which you can then transfer your bank account to buy items from Amazon.

When you sign up with KashKick You can select among a range of promotions such as playing games, testing new apps and shopping online, catching videos and taking surveys.

There aren’t any points to accumulate simply dollars. When you’ve earned $10, you’re able to cash it out.

4. InboxDollars

Get a free Five Dollars Amazon Gift Card when you sign up

With InboxDollars You earn money from doing simple tasks such as answering online surveys, watching videos, or simply surfing and performing regular web searches.

You’ll receive a Welcome bonus instantly when you sign up. It’s an easy decision.

One of the things I like I love about Inbox Dollars is using their search engine. I spend much of my time online, surfing and looking for information in the course of my work. Instead of making use of Google search (or the search engine that you are currently using) you could replace it for InboxDollars Search. InboxDollars Search portal, and earn money!

Every time that you conduct, you earn reward points and participate in prizes with gift cards. Though most of these amount to a 5-10 cent reward however, using the site on a regular basis every day will result in some substantial free cash at the close each month! Rewards can be converted into Amazon cash or as an e-gift card that can be used to purchase other retailers that are well-known.

InboxDollars has paid more than $57 million in the past which makes it an extremely reliable sites to earn money online! This is 100% completely free for you to join and use and accessible to all who is over the age of 18.

5. MyPoints

10$ Amazon gift card upon the first purchase of $20.

Earn money to shop online! MyPoints is a partner with more than 1,900 of the biggest retailers, including Walmart, eBay, and Amazon and offers you rewards credits to use for your usual shopping.

Make the first transaction of 20 dollars or more and you’ll be awarded an 10-dollar Amazon gift card to use as a gift!

It’s a legitimate site and is a fantastic method to earn reward credits to purchase the purchase of a gift card. But one of the drawbacks I’ve encountered when taking pay-per-click surveys is that the majority of deals will take you away from the website and to other sites. It can be more difficult as compared to other reward and pad survey platforms.

The platform is open to anyone 13 or over. old. However, the site strongly recommends using it by an adult or a legal guardian when you’re less than 18.

6. Survey Junkie

Get Amazon Gift Cards by taking Surveys

There are many websites to take online surveys which will pay you with PayPal cash or a no-cost Amazon gift cards. Some survey sites are not legitimate, however it is important to be aware. A few of my favourite survey apps are Survey Junkie.

It’s a legit method to earn some extra cash when you’re at the station waiting to catch the bus during breaks for lunch, while sitting from couch to couch.

I enjoy this platform since it’s user-friendly, and you can complete surveys while on the move using your mobile. Additionally, they provide numerous surveys, so there’s never a shortage of earning opportunities (some other sites offer only a handful of surveys per month).

It’s not going to be a millionaire however you can earn about a dollar or two per survey. Each one will take 5 to 10-minutes to finish and you can then cash the points you earn for Amazon gifts!

Affiliation: The HTML0 program is 100% free to sign up using Facebook, Google+, or any other email address. The members must be at least 13 years old and live in either the USA, Canada, or Australia (if you reside in California and California, you have to be at least 16 or older).

7. Rakuten

You can get a $30 signup bonus, redeemable for a no-cost Amazon gift card!

Rakuten (formerly eBates) is another site for shopping with cashback or coupons. In contrast to Ibotta, Rakuten works through online retailers only.

However, here’s a tip: the workaround is to shop online and then collect your purchases at a local shop if you’re more comfortable shopping at stores like Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, or Kohls. I employ this method often to ensure that I’m earning the maximum reward points for every purchases I purchase.

The thing I love most the most Rakuten is the useful browser extension that informs users when a store that you’re shopping at offers cashback offers. It will also look for coupons automatically and use the one to save you the most in you shopping basket.

Rakuten and Amazon have recently ended their business partnership. Although you aren’t able to trade your Rukaten earnings to purchase Amazon gift cards in particular but you can receive the check delivered to your address so that you can deposit in your account at a bank.

Join today and receive 30 dollars in welcome bonuses today. Additionally, you’ll receive a quick $30 reward for every friend you refer to, as well.

If you’re a fan of Rakuten try Honey an attempt also. Honey browses the internet and analyzes it against your shopping cart on the internet, which could help you save money elsewhere. Honey is a browser extension that works with Amazon. Honey browser extension is compatible in conjunction with Amazon on-line shopping.

8. LifePoints

Get Amazon Gift Cards by taking Surveys

LifePoints is among the largest communities of influencers worldwide. It does not just offer surveys in English similar to many other sites but also offers surveys in 26 different languages, which means they are accessible to more people.

There are surveys available which reward you for your opinion by granting points which can be exchanged to get cash or Amazon gift card.

LifePoints is totally free to use, and anyone who is older than 16 is able to begin conducting surveys right now!

9. Prime Opinion

Receive Amazon Gift Cards to Share Your Opinion

Prime Opinion is one of our favorite survey websites which lets you exchange survey points to purchase Amazon gift cards. It’s incredibly simple to use and boasts excellent ratings of 4.4 out of five ratings on Trustpilot.

You can pick surveys that you can complete in any subject. When you locate an opportunity you’re qualified for and complete it, the points will be instantly added on your credit card.

When you’ve reached 500 points or $5, you are able to transfer your points in a matter of minutes to get the Amazon gift card.

10. Pinata

Make Gift Cards to Rent Payment

Pinata is the first renter-friendly rewards platform! You get rewards, save money on daily expenses, and accumulate credit to have a more enjoyable rental experience.

We can earn loyalty points on almost everything nowadays however, not for the most expensive expense of all: rent! Pinata gives tenants points who pay rent punctually and in full. Additionally, when you pay your rent punctually, they provide an opportunity to feed someone who is in need. Double win!

11. PayPal Honey

Earn points that you can use to purchase Amazon gift cards.

Honey is a program that lets you earn points. Honey you earn points while doing your regular shopping, and later use them to purchase cash or Amazon gift card (among others rewards).

Honey is a completely free web browser plugin that can help to save you money by looking for the most effective coupons while shopping on the internet. This includes discount Amazon gifts!

However, what many do not know is that, in addition to discounts on purchases, Honey Gold allows you to earn “Gold” when you purchase. This can later be redeemed for gift cards for free.

Honey also comes with an application for smartphones, meaning you can earn Gold while shopping with your mobile phone. Download it on Honey’s app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

BONUS: Raise Market

Through Raise Market you can buy and sell gift cards from a variety of stores. If you purchase gift cards from Raise Market you can receive rewards referred to as “Raise cash.”

You can use your Raise Cash for gift cards, including Amazon gift cards in the future. It is also possible to utilize it to get coupons and discounts for online purchases.

Find Amazon Gift Cards from Amazon Itself

The best ways to acquire Amazon gift cards didn’t mention the following methods to earn money, since Amazon owns these strategies. They’re worth noting and could be the thing you’re looking for right now:

  • Mechanical Turk Amazon can put you in charge of on data entry, and maybe some copy editing, and pay you via Amazon’s gift cards. You can’t make a living salary here in America. United States, but if you’re in the market for extra cash and are able to work fast then consider Mechanical Turk.
  • Reload Benefit: If you have an existing gift card, and you reload it with $100 more, Amazon will toss in an additional $5. This isn’t much help if don’t have $100. However, if you’re planning to spend your money on Amazon regardless, make sure to recharge your gift card prior to making purchases. The reward of 5% is a good rate to earn and requires no effort whatsoever.
  • Amazon Trade-In Program: If you have older digital devices Amazon offers an Trade-In program to trade in eligible items. You can get money or Amazon gift cards when you trade with old mobile phone, gaming console or other old Amazon devices.
  • Amazon Prime Visa Rewards Credit Card: This isn’t one you’d want to keep using for a long time However, when you sign to sign up to get the Amazon Prime Visa Credit Card, Amazon will apply $100 to the Amazon Gift Card balance. I wouldn’t suggest this unless you’re searching for the purchase of a new credit card. If you’re unable to pay your credit card each month on time and in full, you’ll be paying more interest than you’re earning from rewards.

When you combine these strategies and even if you don’t make enough money to pay for the cost of your Amazon Prime membership, you’d be a winner.

Frequently asked questions

I’m sure that you’ve encountered some concerns about these methods and websites. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions along with other helpful details.

Are there any ways to receive free Amazon Gift Card?

Yes. Absolutely you can. The methods I have listed above are legitimate ways of earning cash and free Amazon gift card. However, be aware that there’s an obligation to time for any of these actions. It is your responsibility to determine how long you’re willing to invest to earn a free Amazon gift card. The fastest and most simple method is to sign up to receive each welcome offer.

How Much Time Does It Take to Earn a For Free Amazon gift card?

It’s all about how much time you’d like devote to these earning opportunities. In the first welcome bonus gives, you can get your first gift card in the span of ten minutes. For continued use of certain sites you will need several days or several weeks of activity to earn an actual gift card.

Can I join all of These Websites to Receive Free Amazon Gift Cards?

When you’re eligible, join as many websites as you wish to avail from the bonus offer.

However, I would like to warn you that it can be very confusing trying to perform all of these tasks simultaneously. Remember that there are numerous bogus and fraudulent sites which aren’t safe to join. While it’s exciting could be for you to become a member of 50 different websites, and receive hundreds of dollars worth of Amazon credit would suggest to take time to get started and take it slow. Start with a handful of sites to see if you like the sites, and then proceed according to how you’re comfortable.

Are online surveys secure ways To Earn Cash Amazon Card Gifts?

Shopping, working as well as banking on the internet every day tasks require the highest level of security. Online survey websites and other methods of earning gift cards online aren’t different.

All the websites I listed take reasonable security precautions to safeguard your personal and financial information. But, it is important to be aware of the following security precautions:

  • Don’t share your account Information:If a site wants the bank account numbers of your customers or other personal information simply move it to somewhere other. You may make use of PayPal to transfer money from a survey site into your bank account instead of directly connecting with your account at a bank.
  • Don’t use the same passwords: I know it’s easy for you to have the same password across several websites — and just about everyone is guilty of it. However, you should really take the effort and time to use different passwords for different websites. If someone accessed access to your Fetch Rewards password, that could be unsettling. However, if that same password was used to allow hackers the ability to access your banking account’s login information that would be a more serious issue.
  • Be cautious when using public Computers:There’s probably no requirement to sign into any sensitive accounts on computers in public however should you need to do so, be sure to delete browsing history after you’ve completed. If you’re checking your opinion Outpost balance at a computer lab or library on campus and your password is stored in your browser, the next computer’s user may be able to log into your account, as well.

In addition to Amazon Other than Amazon, What are The Other Best eGift Card Alternatives?

Amazon is a leader and is now my preferred choice for virtually all my online shopping. It is also a great gift card option. Amazon Gift cards are the most popular reward offered by companies offering small welcome bonuses and/or promotional credit.

However, there are numerous other websites that offer low or free shipping, price match, and even membership plans like Amazon Prime. Walmart, Target, Lowes as well as Home Depot are all massive online marketplaces that offer many thousands of items.

They are now beginning to catch up to Amazon technological advances and pricing. Target has an event every year called “Target Deal Days” that is a kind of a replicating Amazon Prime Day, where they offer massive discounts on certain items.

Selecting the most reliable online retailer is a matter of individual preference. It’s certain that if you do not desire a Amazon gift card reward, picking any other major well-known store is just as effective.

How Can I redeem my free Amazon gift card?

If you already have an Amazon gift card then log into the account you have created on your Amazon account and go to My Account and then Account and then Gift Cards. You will then see an option to either reload your gift card that is already in use or redeem an entirely new gift card. Click Redeem a new gift card.

Input your Amazon gift card code which can be between 14 and 15 characters. It typically contains both numbers and letters. If you are using an uncoated gift card and you want to gently scratch or peel away the protective layer at the bottom of the gift card in order to reveal the promotional code. For eGift Cards the Amazon gift card’s code will be included in the email you received.

When the gift card’s balance are credited to your account the funds will be applied automatically towards your subsequent Amazon purchase. You can also utilize gifts cards in Whole Foods Markets for groceries!

Everyone is looking for free Amazon gift cards!

In the age of internet-based shopping, everybody is aware of the discounts like Amazon gift card deals. I’m a nerd who spends many hours analyzing Google searches to identify the needs of users. Then, I write articles that address these needs in this site.

There are numerous websites that provide how to earn the free Amazon gift card. However, the majority of solutions they suggest need you to jump through many hoops to earn a few dollars.

Certain websites can be invasive, spammy or even seem untrustworthy. Certain sites require you play games or watch videos that can take a lot of duration. For some websites it can take several weeks before you earn enough points to be able to cash them in — whether it’s to use it for Amazon gifts cards or PayPal money, or other benefits.

I’ve tried almost all of them, so that I can find the most legitimate ways to earn Amazon gift card. This is the only place that will earn you Amazon gift cards quickly. I hope that you found it useful.

Enjoy yourself, be safe and earn some money, as well as Amazon gift cards in your spare time!

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