Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Mobile Apps

Buyers are increasingly relying on different brands to make their lives easy. No longer do they want to spend hours and hours on the online store. Instead, everyone just prefers to shop on the go instead of allocating a certain time to do so.

For this reason, Amazon has made the use of mobile applications extremely easy. You can search for the product you want, check the rating, and buy it without any hassle. The mobile app also comes with a variety of discounts, one of which is a $5 off amazon code that allows budget-friendly shopping. So let’s look at all the other advantages that the mobile app has brought for the customers and how you can access benefits like codes to make your shopping experience delightful.

What Changed?

The reason why Amazon introduced new features is the same that holds true for every other web and mobile application today: to tweak the user experience. Gone are the days when you had to set aside some time and browse through multiple products to find the right one. The new system means that not only do you get your desired item, you also find multiple suggestions for it and that too, with discounted prices. So, Amazon is now guaranteeing an ideal customer experience by just modifying its application a bit.

1. Snip a picture of what you want

Yes, it is just as simple as it sounds. If you see a product that you want, you only have to capture it using your phone camera and check via search option whether it is available for sale or not. Even if you don’t find the exact product, Amazon will redirect you to sellers that have similar items in store. If there is one feature that customers have made the most out of since its launch, it is definitely this one.

2. Check with Alexa

The solution to all your search problems, Alexa, can now help you operate Amazon with ease too. You just have to call upon your virtual friend to guide you through the entire process of ordering. From keeping a track of orders to notifying you about shipment status, the app along with Alexa’s help can update you on everything.

3. Order status at your fingertips

Remember the hassle of logging into your account every time to check the status of your parcel and how far away it was from you? Well, it is time to bid farewell to the old-fashioned ways. Now, Amazon sends you regular updates directly on your phone so you can keep track of products in real-time.

4. Talk to Amazon

With the assistance of great customer service on the app, you can get your queries solved with the representatives without even logging into the web app. This has been great for people who order in bulk and want to make changes in the delivered goods.

How to get your $5 off instantly?

The answer lies with the Amazon mobile app. Not only does it provide all the features mentioned above, but it also gives new users a chance to shop economically and return to the store for more products. Other than that, you can use other voucher codes while finalizing your shopping carts and enjoy a delightful user experience.

What to buy on Amazon for $5?

When you look at it from purchasing point of view, $5 might seem like a small amount. However, there are hundreds and thousands of items available on Amazon that you can buy for under $5 and make use of the code.

1. Small Flashlight

You never know when you’ll need one of these. So it is better to have them in stock in case of a blackout or for hiking trips. It can be easily stored inside your pocket and it delivers a powerful light that illuminates brightly. You can also adjust it accordingly so whether you need a narrow beam or spread light, this one will do the job for you.

2. Multi-functioning Tool

This 5-in-1 multi-tool will help you get through life swiftly. Be it opening a soda, tightening a screw, or opening tough packages, this magical product is your savior. You can easily carry it in your pocket as it is travel-friendly.

The best part is that the multi-functions are defined separately. So after getting the package you will notice that it has a carabiner clip, scoring point, sharp edges, bottle opener, and a #2 screwdriver all fitted into one tiny, lightweight tool. It is made of stainless steel so trust us when we say it will be your partner for a long time.

3. Velcro Squares

Using different types of tapes to hang your posters can potentially harm the color of your walls and they do not even look pleasant. But, you don’t need to worry because Velcro squares are here to help you mount or stick anything on a surface.

There are 12 pieces in the package which is a fantastic deal under $5 because it eliminates the hassle of attaching things with manual labor. Imagine the time and effort it takes to use hammers and nails on your walls and then compare it with these small magic pieces that are water-resistant and blend into the wall without causing any harm to the paint or wood.

4.  Molds for Ice Balls

Are you tired of having diluted drinks and sodas because as soon as you put ice in them, they become watery and unpleasant to drink? Well, you’re in luck because now you can get ice ball molds that will freeze water in a spherical shape and prevent rapid melting. Skip the crushed ice or cubes that take away all the flavor from your drink and instead switch to these silicone molds that would last longer and chill your drink just as you like it.

So, what are you waiting for? Make use of Amazon $5 codes now and enjoy great privileges with the mobile app by shopping to your heart’s content.


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