Doosan Enerbility’s 8MW Offshore Wind Power System Selected as “Next Generation World-Class Product”

– System created with local technology and adapted to adapt to Korea’s specific wind conditions and a rate of utilization more than 30 percent
The diameter of the rotor is 205m, blade length 100m, and more than 70% of all parts produced locally

Doosan Enerbility announced on November 10th that their 8MW offshore wind turbine (DS205-8MW) was chosen as an “Next Generation World-Class product. “

In an effort created with the aim of promoting the exports of Korea, Korea World-Class Products refers to companies and products that were recognized as high-quality from the South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) and Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA). They are classified in two categories “World-Class Products” which refer to products that are rated in the top 5 with respect to market share globally and having an market share in the range of 5 percent or greater and “Next Generation World-Class Products,” that are products considered to be able to be “World-Class Products” within the next seven years.

Doosan’s offshore wind power generator, that is a wind turbine which was designed with Korean domestic technology, has undergone the process of a demonstration and received international certification. It is highly regarded for its future contributions to the field Doosan’s offshore wind generator was chosen as a Next Generation World-Class product. This wind generator was created to work in the Korean climate with significantly less wind speeds than Europe which is where the offshore power source is highly developed. The diameter of the blade was increased up to 205 metres (blade length 100 meters) which means it could be operated even when normal windspeed is 6.5 millimeters per second, making it possible to achieve an efficiency rate of more than 30 percent.
* Obtained UL Type Certification in 2022.
** The diameter of the rotor is the measurement of the circular drawn by tips of the blade. The larger its diameter is, the greater the space of the blade receiving wind, which leads to greater power-generating efficiency.

“The recently selected 8MW offshore wind power system is a product that was developed as a state-led project and it was with Korea’s local technology that we completed the design and manufacturing of the main components such as the blade and generator,” said Hongook Park, CEO of Doosan Enerbility’s Power Services Business Group. He said, “With nearly 70 percent of the components being manufactured locally, we aim to actively pursue further market expansion in order to create more jobs across the overall Korean wind power industry.”

• At the “World-Class Product Certificate Award Ceremony 2023” that was held in the grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas in Seoul on Nov. 9 Chunwoo Jeon, Director of the KOTRA SME Division(on on the left) is seen taking photos after presenting an award to Dongkyu Shin, Doosan Enerbility’s Vice President for Wind Turbine/Service Engineering.

Next Generation World-Class Product of Korea’ certificate was presented the Doosan Enerbility (Large 8MW offshore wind turbine)

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