Doosan Enerbility Wins Spent Nuclear Fuel Cask Project With its Homegrown Technology

A contract has been signed to provide the entire design and development of the dry storage for spent nuclear fuel system
— Korean market for nuclear fuel barrels forecast to increase to KRW 8 trillionor more and collaboration with 140 partners of a small to medium size in the nuclear industry

Doosan Enerbility recently won a project to create a storage and transport casks of spent nuclear fuel by using its own developed technology.

The 2nd of November, Doosan Enerbility announced that it had signed a contract Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) to implement the design and construction of a dry storage device. With the contract, that the winning bidder was chosen through international competitive bidding, Doosan Enerbility will be completing the design and getting approval by 2027 to be able to use the dry storage facility, which will include the cask that is used to store and transport used nuclear fuel.

The nuclear fuel that is discarded by the nuclear power plant will then be cool down by storing it in a water-filled tank for the initial five years, following the five years, it is removed from the pool and taken to dry storage. Since the casks used in this process have to be designed to guarantee the safety of heating and radiation. The best quality of manufacturing and design knowledge is needed.

According to the nuclear industry, around 2800 casks are required for dry storage as well as interim storage within Korea. Korean market, which leads to the expectation of the industry to expand to a size of around KRW 8.4 trillion in 2060. After winning the manufacturing contract Doosan Enerbility plans to work with other companies on associated processes together with 140 medium-sized to small partner companies across the different regions of the country in order to increase the popularity of the Korean nuclear power industry in the country.

“This contract holds huge significance as it was won with our locally-developed cask and this essentially laid the foundation for our Korean-standard spent nuclear fuel storage & transportation cask business, for which we forecast there will be new orders amounting to trillions of Korean won in the future,” said Jongdoo Kim CEO of Doosan’s Nuclear Business Group. “By working together with our small-to-medium sized local partners in Korea, we aim to do our utmost to enhance our manufacturing competitiveness, as we seek to also venture into the areas of interim storage and permanent disposal of spent nuclear fuel.”

Doosan Enerbility signed a technology cooperation agreement with U.S. NAC(Nuclear Insurance Corporation) in the year 2015, following which a variety of casks suitable for various applications in the Korean and international market was designed. Doosan and NAC together developed a Korean-style steel storage overpack(MSO) that could be used to an Korean project, and the design certificate was granted by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission(NRC). In the year 2019, Doosan accomplished the feat of being the very first Korean company to be awarded the spent nuclear fuel cak contract as a supplier to three miles Island(TMI) Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1. Then, it was followed by a later win in 2021 for an agreement for the storage of casks in unit 2 at TMI’s TMI Nuclear Power Plant and where development is currently in progress.

The photo shows the manufacturing process of the cask used at TMI Nuclear Power Plant. TMI Nuclear Power Plant in the U.S.

The photo shows the manufacturing process of the cask used at TMI Nuclear Power Plant. TMI Nuclear Power Plant in the U.S.

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