Doosan Enerbility, “Holder of Both the Technology and Capabilities Required to Achieve Carbon-Free Energy”

The presentation was given by the COO Yeonin Jung during “Invest KOREA Summit 2023” on Doosan’s strategy to build an energy system that is carbon free
– Participated in three days of the “Invest KOREA Summit 2023” that began on Nov. 6 in Busan’s BEXCO Exhibition Center
as the holder of important technologies that can produce carbon-free electricity, like nuclear power Hydrogen energy, SMRs, as well as offshore wind turbines. We are looking to speed up related business

“Nuclear power plants, SMRs, offshore wind turbines, hydrogen energy – Doosan Enerbility holds all the essential technologies required to achieve carbon-free energy.”

Doosan Enerbility announced on November 8th that they had attended at the “Invest KOREA Summit 2023” and gave a speech that was titled “The Energy Sector’s Role in Achieving a Sustainable Earth.” The Invest the KOREA Summit 2023 held from November 6th to three consecutive days, at the BEXCO Exhibition Center in Busan to bring in foreign investors and to promote Busan as a host city for the forthcoming World Expo 2030.

“The energy sector must make efforts to achieve carbon neutrality if we wish to secure a sustainable future for our planet and during that process, we also need to work on achieving energy security,” said Yeonin Jung, president and CEO of Doosan Enerbility, which had participated in the ceremony as Korea’s anchor*. He further said “The most realistic way of achieving both carbon neutrality and energy security is to expand the use of carbon-free energy, such as nuclear and hydrogen energy, alongside renewable energy.”
* A company which plays a major role in a specific field or geographic region

The COO laid out the plan to be used for the next renewable energy source that is carbon free. “Sources such as large nuclear power plants, SMRs and offshore wind turbines can be used to generate carbon-free electricity, while the surplus electricity can be used in the water electrolysis process to produce clean hydrogen, which is applicable in the transportation sector and other various industries,” noted President Jung. “Furthermore, when facing electricity shortages, electricity can be newly generated by using hydrogen to operate the hydrogen gas turbines currently under development at Doosan Enerbility or by using hydrogen fuel cells for distributed power generation.” The COO said, “By building an energy system that runs on carbon-free energy, not only will we be able to achieve carbon neutrality, but we will also be able to contribute to Korea’s achievement of energy self-sufficiency.”

Doosan Enerbility is continuing with its efforts to develop important technologies to generate carbon-free energy, and is aiming to speed up their commercialization. Its primary focus is improving competition of their power generation equipment that is carbon-free which includes massive nuclear power plants SMRs as well as offshore wind turbines. All of them can be utilized to produce green energy. There are efforts being made through the organization to improve the clean hydrogen production technology. The development of a wind-powered clean hydrogen production system is complete as well as the development of hydrogen production system based on nuclear energy is in progress. Additionally, the development of an hydrogen gas turbine powered with clean hydrogen is a further ongoing project with the goal being the development of the 400MW hydrogen-powered gas turbine by 2027.

“We changed our company name to Doosan Enerbility to demonstrate our commitment to becoming an energy solution provider that helps realize a sustainable Earth,” said the COO Jung. “As our company holds both the technology and capabilities required to achieve carbon-free energy, we aim to actively take part in the efforts to achieve the dual goals of carbon neutrality and energy security.”

On November. 7 Doosan Enerbility COO Yeonin Jung will give a talk titled “The Energy Sector’s Role in Achieving a Sustainable Earth” at the Invest KOREA Summit 2023.

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