Doosan Bobcat and Doosan Robotics Earn the CES 2024 Innovation Award in Recognition of Advanced Electrification & AI Technology

–Doosan Bobcat’s world’s very first electric skid-steer loader that is entirely electric “S7X” is has been recognized with two awards
— Doosan Robotics won the Artificial Intelligence category for its machine-learning-based recycling classification software

Doosan’s leading-edge electrification technology and artificial intelligence solutions were recognized for their technological excellence in a global contest which recognizes exceptional engineering and design.

On November. 16th Doosan made it clear that Doosan Bobcat’s electric skid steer loader “S7X” as well as Doosan Robotics recycling sorting system known as “Oscar the Sorter’ were chosen as Honorees of the “CES 2024 Innovation Awards”.

The “CES Innovation Awards” are an award that is presented to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) to products that exhibit exceptional technology and innovative designs prior to the start of CES the largest technology show that takes place at Las Vegas every January.

The Doosan Bobcat “S7X” model has won two awards in the sustainability, Eco Design & Smart Energy and Smart City categories.

S7X is an all-electric model of Doosan’s top skid-steer loader. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery and the hydraulics are replaced by an electrical drive. In comparison to diesel-powered models in the same class it is equipped with 50 percent fewer parts. It is consuming the least amount of fluid like fluids and coolants, which allows for maintenance to be carried out at lower cost, with no emissions.

The performance of the product is improved, with a torque that is three times more than that of the diesel equivalent. Furthermore, the intelligent power management system boosts the efficiency of energy by altering output in accordance with the conditions of the job. It also has the ability to run for up to six hours on one charge, based on the use. If the device is recharged during breaks users can utilize it for a longer than a day of work, while benefiting of the significantly lower sound and vibration.

Doosan Bobcat is a pioneer in the industry of compact equipment by introducing the world’s most compact loading machine in. It was in the year 2022 that Doosan Bobcat revolutionized the market by introducing first-ever all-electric, eco-friendly compact track loader called ‘T7X’. Doosan Bobcat won honors in two CES 2022 Innovation Awards categories using ‘T7X’. It was and then won the two CES 2024 Innovation Awards for its skid-steer loader, ‘S7X’ and proving its world-class technology with the securing of 4 awards.

Doosan Robotics’ ‘Oscar the Sorter’, which took home the “CES 2024 Innovation Award” within the Artificial Intelligence category, is an “recycling sorting solution” using AI machine learning, based on ‘Dart Suite’ a platform for software that seamlessly regulates collaborative robots without coding.

“Oscar the Sorter sorting plastic containers, plastic cups and cans. and then takes the contents out, and takes the containers to a designated trash can. Technology for vision is commonly used to accomplish these tasks but its field application has been hindered by the fact that the price of the system is almost as costly as the price of the robot.

With no vision recognition technology, “Oscar the sorter detects and measures the differences in size and value based on strength when picking up objects using a “gripper,” that is a simulated hands-on collaborative robot. It is a benefit being able to do classification tasks even in obstructions, and objects with similar appearances can be classified based on their material.
Furthermore, AI machine learning technology continually learns about the shape and materials of objects to allow for sophisticated classification over time. This allows for the expansion of its use to the service and logistics industries in the near future.

Furthermore, Doosan Robotics is focusing on improving its software capabilities, by implementing collaborative robots that are based upon GPT (generative pre-trained transformer) which can continuously find and correct errors, and complete tasks with no human intervention.

A Doosan official said, “With these meaningful world-class feats in recognition of Doosan’s technological prowess in the global innovative technology arena, we will continue to develop a variety of products and solutions that are environmentally-friendly and make people’s lives more convenient.”

Doosan that has been taking part in CES every year since the beginning of 2020, is set to present its technology and products through its participation in “CES 2024” to take place at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA between January 9 and 12 in the year to come. Its Doosan stand will be within LVCC, West Hall – the 5941.

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