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Consider the advantages of using a fireplace

Is it time to upgrade your fireplace? If this is the case, have you considered getting a fireplace insert? These are heating units that are installed into an antique fireplace.

There are various advantages to using an insert, which include:

1. Cost savings on remodeling or replacing your current fireplace. This type of work involves major structural work that will interfere with normal home routines and the costs involved may be enough to make you sweat even in winter.

2. Update your heating system. When you install a fireplace wall insert, you get the benefit of additional insulation and the ability to use the heat produced rather than losing heat through the fireplace.

3. Reduce the amount of money you spend on energy. Your power bill will automatically decrease as your heating system becomes more efficient. As an added plus, this is another ecologically beneficial option.

If you switch from using a wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace, the energy efficiency of your home will be greatly improved. Gas-fired inserts in particular are very energy efficient, much more so than the average wood-burning fireplace.

Are you considering doing something new with an old fireplace? If you have a professionally built, energy-efficient fireplace insert, you can’t go wrong. You should not cut corners when it comes to the protection of your house and family. If an insert was installed incorrectly, your home could be in danger of catching fire due to a gap that allows excessive heat to get where it shouldn’t.

Did we mention that fireplace inserts are quite appealing? There are several styles to pick from, all of which are lovely and exquisite. Some are affixed directly to your fireplace, while others protrude from the wall, but all will save you money on heating costs. Of course, you’ll appreciate how the addition of a fireplace insert elevates the entire area.

This heating equipment should always be adequately fitted to the needs of the flue and the lining of your chimney. To achieve a correct fit, the assistance of fireplace liner and appliance installation professionals is required.

Not sure if it’s time to replace your fireplace?

The following are just a few of the reasons why now may be the right time to get a fireplace insert:

● If the chimney no longer serves its purpose of venting the smoke and gases from the chimney, it may be time to repair or replace it.

● If there are many cracks in your chimney or if mortar joints are missing, your chimney may not be able to safely contain the heat from the chimney, which means that your home is vulnerable to catching fire.

● It may be time to replace the fireplace or install a fireplace insert if bricks are missing or loose.

● If you notice brick chips on your ceiling, floor, or in the firebox, it’s a sign that the fireplace isn’t in good working order.

● If water leaks around the fireplace, at the very least, repair is required.
● If the chimney cap is missing or broken, there is a good chance that there are other issues with the chimney. It would imply that snow and rain are most likely causing damage to the interior of your fireplace. It might imply that raccoons, birds, and bats are constructing fireplace houses.

Of course, you’ll want a professional chimney sweep to clean and inspect your fireplace insert and chimney annually, just like your regular fireplace. There are several types, siding, and doors to pick from, and we will assist you in selecting the best insert for your house.

If you are thinking about installing a fireplace insert, please contact us for an estimate. Vermont Castings, Napoleon, Hudson River, Enviro, and other major brands are available. We also have specialists on staff that can install your insert professionally. The CSIA has completely trained and certified all of our technicians.

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