We all are well aware that we are going through an era of fast-changing. Day by day, businesses are expanding. Business characteristics and the attitude of mass people to trade are also changing very fast. The business places are the places with massive gathering with not only people but also with a vehicle like a machinery also. Thus, these places are among the root causes of many diseases for the less hygienic weather. These places are consist of so much dirt, clouds of dust, and allergens. Quickly the pathogens are growing in such types of commercial areas.

Science and technology are always searching for the tools to accommodate newly created problems and hazards to our lives. Commercial Vacuum Cleaner is one of the gifts of science and technology. In today’s article, we will try to let you know especially about this type of vacuums.

What is Commercial Vacuum Cleaner?

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners are generally the bigger version of them. These are not just like as them, which are for household uses. These are heavy-duty with a powerful motor and powerful suction and vacuum capability. These are mostly for the commercial premises.

Types of Commercial Vacuum Cleaner:

In the market, there are so many brands and companies are making vacuum cleaners. So definitely you can find different types and shapes of vacuum cleaner for your commercial buildings or premises. Here we will discuss to give you an idea of the kind and concepts of these. After that, you are the right person to choose. You are the owner to select, to decide, and to buy.

Which Vacuum is Best For Your Facility?

A study of the American Institute of Cleaning Sciences (AICS) shows that the cleaning workers in the commercial areas are using vacuums one to three hours per day on average. If you need to use vacuums for an extended time per day, you will face a massive cost for this. So, you need to select such a type of vacuum cleaner that will increase your workers’ productivity, low down the cleaning time, and reduce the cost.

Commonly Used 5 Types of Commercial Vacuum:

1. Handheld Duster Vacuum:

This vacuum is, especially for spot cleaning. This one can remove messes quickly from the ground, and this is so much convenient to use for removing spots from the areas with high traffic.

2. Canister Vacuum:

Canisters vacuums are easily movable as they have wheels at the bottom. This one is great for cleaning hard floors, carpet floors, fixtures, and drapes. The extended hoses and wands are very convenient for multi-purpose cleaning.

3. Upright Vacuum:

This type of vacuums is an excellent choice for floors with carpet. This one is a vertically standing machine with Brushes and wheels on the bottom. It has a bag on top for soil collection. Generally, it comes with a cord. But some vertical brands offering cordless versions also.

4. Backpack Vacuum:

This one especially allows you to carry on the back of you. So you can get unrestricted movement while working. This vacuum is an excellent choice for free movement and working in high congestion or high traffic areas.

5. Wet / Dry Vacuum:

This vacuum allows you to clean both wet and dry materials.  So you can easily clean both dust and wet dirt or slurry.

If you are still unsure which vacuum will work best for your commercial spaces, You can take EBP Equipment Specialist’s help.

Ending Speech:

If you have a business or commercial space, you should use a commercial vacuum cleaner to remove bacteria and airborne pathogens by keeping them clean. Just keep in mind that this vacuum cleaner is not a wastage of money; it is essential for good health. However, if you have a little extra money to invest, we recommend going for the best commercial vacuum cleaner.


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