How Entrepreneurs Can Start Medical Business in Dubai with Professionals

The United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s leading business travel destinations. The main population in the investor-friendly Emirates, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are immigrants working for multinational companies. You follow a full work and life plan that leads to health problems and medical illnesses. The country offers modern medical facilities, diagnostic centers, and multidisciplinary hospitals. The country is experiencing a growing population due to the arrival of immigrants seeking work and businesses. The need and availability of health centers, clinics, and companies that provide medical care are uneven. In this section, we’ll cover what you need to know before starting a medical business setup in Dubai.

Starting a medical business in the United Arab Emirates can be a viable option for those focused on this field. The process of starting a medical business is not that complicated Contact us to learn more about setting up healthcare in Dubai. Most professional business consultant firms handle all formalities for the United Arab Emirates-based medical businesses in the Emirates, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah.

Basic Requirements to Start a Medical Equipment Business in Dubai

Setting up a company to manufacture and sell medical devices requires approval from the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention. On the other hand, the Ministry of Economic Development (DED) is the agency that issues permits for economic activities in the country. DED approves the application and only grants the license after it has been approved by the Ministry. While there are different types of businesses, an expatriate can only form a limited liability company (LLC).

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention maintains a list of medical devices and medicines. Medical companies can only manufacture or import these approved items. In addition, a list of elements is indicated in the permissions. Furthermore, The import or manufacture of pharmaceutical products or medical devices, because they are not listed in the approval, is not allowed. Such activities can lead to legal problems.

The Documents You Need to Register Your Medical Equipment Trading Company

Any company planning to operate in the medical sector or to start a medical business in the United Arab Emirates must obtain appropriate authorization from all authorities. Contact us if you have any questions about the application or need support from our business facility services.

  • Approval by UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention. Moreover, The license determines what equipment is allowed to be imported
  • Storage permit from the Ministry of Health and Prevention. Warehouses must meet size requirements and have facilities for the safe storage of medical equipment and drugs. 
  • Medical devices must obtain approval from the Ministry of Health, Drug Registration and Control Section.
  • The former entrepreneur or local entrepreneur can then make the necessary adjustments and apply for the permit again.
  • Notarized valid ISO 13485 certification
  • Copy of passport of the ex-pat business owner
  • Company profile
  • Legal and valid manufacturing license for the products indicated
  • Tenancy contract or Ejari

The medical business in the United Arab Emirates is growing rapidly with an increasing need for facilities and equipment due to population growth. You may consider starting a medical company in the United Arab Emirates and making it successful by following productive business practices. Contact a professional business setup consultant firm for professional help starting a business in the UAE.

Why Choose Professional Business Setup Services of Starting a Medical Business in UAE

Most professional and experienced business setup consultant firms have been the first choice for overseas and local entrepreneurs for more than two decades. They are fortunate to be able to help many people achieve their dreams. Their experienced professionals will formulate the best way for you. because They not only take care of the formalities of the company-established business in Dubai but also professionally advise you.

They are the ideal business management service provider to help you achieve your business goals. because Their team of professionals will guide you to the right business location, the jurisdictions UAE medical businesses will benefit from, how to work to get the best results, etc.

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