BioPropane : An Ideal Energy Solution

LPG comprises one of the most important sections of the energy sector. It has been growing in leaps and bounds even in the recent trying times. We all have been aware of the advantages of the LPG, how efficient it has proved itself to be in the longest time but the most important aspect of LPG that is often ignored is the fact that it is a low carbon fossil fuel. In cities, LPG has become one of the most pertinent parts of any household but it has still not become popular in villages or rural areas.

People in rural areas still prefer traditional sources of energy like wood, coke over LPG. LPG is not only known for its high efficiency but it is not hazardous to health too. Traditional sources of energy produce lots of smoke which is considered harmful for the health whereas on the other hand LPG hardly produces any harmful substances.

Proper measures have to be taken to spread the awareness of LPG in rural areas. The only thing which goes against LPG’s popularity is its increasing price. People in cities can afford LPG but it is not the case in rural areas where people resort to cheaper ways of living. LPG should be sold at cheaper prices to people below the poverty line so that they can also get the benefits of using LPG. Some facts about Fossil fuels and Bio Propane:


Fossil fuel comprises one of the most important energy sources. A large part of the energy used today is derived directly or indirectly from fossil fuels. The fossil fuel that we are using today has been formed for over a million years from dead plants and animal organisms decomposed under high pressure which resulted in its formation. But the main aspect of fossil fuels is non-renewable energy which means that once exhausted they would take another million years to form.

What is Bio Propane?

BIO PROPANE is obtained from waste materials that mainly constitute vegetables and plants that make it a renewable source. 

Why is Bio propane a revolutionary discovery for the LPG industry?

Bio propane not only fulfills our LPG demands but is also capable of reducing carbon emissions by 80%. Bio propane is a revolutionary discovery in the LPG industry. While propane obtained from fossil fuels is likely to get exhausted someday, bio propane would never cease to exist and would guarantee an unhindered supply of Liquid Petroleum Gas.

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