Best premium 55-inch TV: Sony A9G


A Review of the Best Premium 55-Inch TV

Do you know which the best premium 55-inch TV is? You would be hard-pressed to find many who would say they don’t have an answer. That is because of the incredible features and impressive image quality that the Sony A9G provides.

This amazing TV delivers a top-quality display in a sleek, compact design. It also features a wide viewing angle, so you can enjoy movies and sporting events even while you are away from your home.

The built-in speakers help to bring your entertainment to life. You will be able to enjoy your movies and shows as you watch them from the comfort of your own couch. Sony is really taking its marketing message seriously and giving consumers the opportunity to choose between HD and standard picture resolution.

This is why the A9G is known as having Digital Signal Processing for Cinema (DSP). It enables you to enjoy crystal clear images without any degradation in picture quality. And because of its clear LCD screen, you are also getting all the benefits of high resolution.

Most people have the impression that these types of televisions are expensive. However, the opposite is true. It’s one of the most affordable 55-inch HDTVs available.

You can find reviews online that describe how good the image quality is on this type of TV. Reviews describe how you won’t see any distortions or visible slats.

You will find that the large screen is easy to read even in bright sunlight. In addition, this TV has advanced video technologies that you will definitely appreciate. Sony was able to include technologies that enable it to offer HD motion with lag-free, crisp, high-quality graphics.

There is a great dynamic contrast ratio, a popular feature in plasma and LED TVs. This enables the CRT to deliver a bright, crisp image and a reduction in graininess.

Features such as HDMI 2.0, DTS: X, Sound Staging, and Sub-Panel Controls make this 55-inch model of the TV very user-friendly. It includes a remote that allows you to control TV functions quickly and easily.

They are created for the exceptional HDTV and the fact that they combine the best features into one sleek, slim design makes them one of the most stunning models of all time. The Sony A9G is incredibly versatile because of its motion control capabilities and entertainment display features.

When you get your hands on this incredible TV, the next thing you want to do is purchase the manufacturers’ remote control. This way you can turn it into a stylish and functional entertainment system, or simply keep it on the desk of your office desk.

This powerful and advanced remote comes in several versions, including the Multi-Function Remote with Picture Mode, Motion and Sound Control, Theater Effects, and other functions. Its super-slim design and amazing image quality make it a real winner.


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