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10 Best pool vacuum heads: Review 2022

Who doesn’t want to keep cleaning his pool? This is a difficult task to clean the entire pool with a quality vacuum head.  The task will not be difficult anymore if you have such a type of vacuum. There are thousands of pool vacuums available in the market. They are helpful to clean up the pool smartly and quickly. I have already analyzed a lot of pool vacuum heads. I choose the 10 best pool vacuum heads among them. Their quality, price, durability, size, and design make them special from other vacuums. Hopefully, you will find out your desirable vacuum from them. 

1. U.S. Pool Supply Swimming Best Pool Vacuum Head

Best pool vacuum head


U.S. Pool Supply is one of the expert high quality and affordable pool vacuum heads. It provides the best cleaning and maintenance supplies, pool fittings, recreational pool toys, floating, and leisure lounges. This best pool vacuum head offers all the essential items which help residential pool owners to take care of their pools. It saves money from expensive pool service and ensures an excellent quick cleaning process.  

How is the suction?

The vacuum head has a perfect weight and the assembly doesn’t let water flow to other places and it creating great suction power.

 How does the vacuum work?

To make your pool crystal clear, make sure to set the pool pump on the ‘waste’ button to use it. It works well with the pole attachment.

This vacuum head must be under the water. The vacuum needs regular water flow to work.


  • S.Pool is a professional pool vacuum and 14’’flexible on the ground.
  • Swivel head admits 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ hose.
  • It is easy to use for the aluminum spring-action pole handle.
  • This vacuum has one year warranty.
  • The aluminum pole is 5’’ long which is standard.
  • The weighted body helps to stay submerged.


  • This vacuum head does not use without pole attachment.

2. The Swimline Best pool vacuum head, Blue

Best pool vacuum head


The Swimline weighted vacuum head is a roller-style pool vacuum. This best pool vacuum head works smoothly while cleaning and moving.  It is available in multi-color in the market.  It works pretty well in an inground pool with a vinyl liner.  This Swimline vacuum head is very easy to install and set up. There is no instruction guideline for installing the product. You can collect the instruction guideline online.
The rollers glide across the pool surface pretty easily. It is light- weighted and picks up all the dirt, debris, and leaves from the bottom and remote sides of the pool.

Does it work manually or automatically?

It works manually. There has the option of working automatically. But automatic operating is suitable only for normal cleaning. It will be better to do it manually. Because the automatic machine is just moving randomly and you can’t guide it as your wish. If you use the manual button, you can clean trash, leaves, dirt, and sand excellently with this vacuum head. 

Can it clear the sand?

Yes, It can. It can suck all types of small particles including sand.


  • The slimline can move very smoothly.
  • It is a durable and long-lasting vacuum head.
  • The vacuum has an easy maneuvering system.
  • There includes a snap-adapt handle for easy assembling the dirt.
  • The vacuum is easy to use.


  • It does not have any brushes with it.

3. Hydro Tools, Best pool vacuum head

Best pool vacuum head


The Hydro Tools is a weighted design vacuum head. It is available in the market in a classic half-moon shape. This best pool vacuum head amazingly cleans and keeps the pool fresh. It fits 1-¼” and 1-½” both hose neck. The Hydro Tools can suck leaves, seeds, dirt, and all types of debris from the pool water.

Does this vacuum head work on a vinyl pool?

Yes, This vacuum works smoothly on the vinyl pool and can’t get the pool dirty.

How is the pole attachment?

The pole attachment is thick and strong. It works great on the type of pool.

How does the vacuum work?

 At first, hook the vacuum up with the pool hose. You can guide it by using the extended bar.  The hose must have a joining to your filter unit. It will help to dry out the pool bottom part while filtering the pool water.

Can this vacuum pick up sand?

This vacuum head can pick up the sand easily. It especially depends on the power of your pump. It can clog the filter fast.


  • The vacuum head is durable and long-lasting.
  • It is not so heavy-weighted. So easy to use.
  • The Hydro Tool can pick up sand from the bottom of the pool.
  • The pole attachment is thick and strong. So it can’t break easily.


  • It needs a different technique to clean the pool.

4. HydroTools by Swimline Clear Pool Vacuum Head

Best pool vacuum head


Hydro Tools is a weighted vacuum head that works greatly on pool cleaning. This best pool vacuum head is specially designed for fiber-glass and vinyl-lined pools. It has a triangular shape and is ideal for washing pool corners thoroughly. Its angel brushes help to pick up the debris easily and quickly. The standard size of the vacuum hose is 1-1/4-inch and 1-1/2-inch. Again, it requires a snap-adapt handle to assemble easily.

What is the best way to use the attachment for the vacuum?

The vacuum works manually, not automatically. So to use the vacuum properly, you have to set the attachment perfectly. At first, attach with the extension pole and get into the pool. It also gets off the swimsuit and controls in one hand.

Will it work for sand in the pool?

The Hydro tools work well for sand in the pool. It ends up on the bottom of the pool as well. It especially works to minimize the debris of the pool and sand. If there is a lot of sand, you have to make various passes to clean up that sand smoothly.


  • Easy manual system.
  • Having an angle brush for quick clean-up.
  • Safe and easy attachment.
  • The suction power is strong.
  • Having an easily assembled Snap-adapt handle.


  • Multiple passes are required for heavy sand and debris

5. Best pool vacuum head master 28300 Vacuum, Blue

Best pool vacuum head


Pool master Classic Collection is specially made for removing large leaves from the pools. This best pool vacuum head has a large handle of the 15-inch diameter leaf vacuum. These types of handles are made of durable ABS.  Again, the Pool master can maneuver all the dirty particles from the bottom of the pool. Because it has multi-directional wheels. It has 8 high-pressure water jets. It provides a standard garden hose and 1-1/4 inch pool pole.

What size pole do you need for this vacuum?

You need a standard size pole for this vacuum. It, of course, needs an inch and a half and an inch and three quarters in diameter at the attachment end. 

Does it remove dirt?

Yes, it removes dirt easily. It works great for sucking the small twigs or leaves from the pool.


  • The pool master is an excellent vacuum for removing big leaves, dirt, and debris.
  • It has a jet vacuum to easily suck up the small debris.
  • A reusable all-purpose leaf bag is included with the vacuum.
  • This vacuum has 8 high-pressure water jets and 4 multi-directional wheels.
  • This vacuum can be used with any type of garden as it has quick-disconnect fittings.


  • It is not suitable for an above-ground pool.

6. Best pool vacuum head S.Pool Supply – Safe for Vinyl Lined

Best pool vacuum head


U.S. Pool Supply is a very useful vacuum head for super cleaning of the pool.  It has a slightly rounded edge that is suitable for an above-ground pool. This best pool vacuum head also has multi-directional brushes on the bottom part. That is why it is easy to use picking up debris. It is weighted but easy to maneuver.  

How does the suction work?

At first, the suction has to be connected with a crystal-clean filter. Then you have to blow out the air in the hose before connecting it to the filter. Next, the hose is transferred to the suction after removing all bubbles. Finally, you have to clean up your filter after every use.

Does it work in a vinyl liner pool?

Yes, it works in a vinyl liner pool most certainly.

Does the vacuum brushwork underside?

Yes, the vacuum head brushes work smoothly on the underside. But it does not work well if the floor is not flat.


  • S. Pool Supply head connects between 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ hose.
  • It is ideal for vinyl-lined pools.
  • As the vacuum body is weighted, it contacts well with the pool bottom.
  • This vacuum has an EZ clip handle which attaches to the pool.
  • Giving one year warranty.


  • It has no bag for debris.

7. Best pool vacuum head Poolmaster 27250, Commercial Collection

Best pool vacuum head


Pool master commercial collection ensures the best quality as well as durability. This best pool vacuum head comes in the market with a long-lasting and extra-wide flexible body. The extra-wide body picks up a lot of debris at a time. The 6 covered weight makes it easy to guide along with the pool floor. It has great suction power. So it can clean messes areas smoothly. It has deluxe mar-proof nylon wheels with ball-bearing that works nicely on the pool floor and prevents scratches.

I recommended you this awesome vacuum head if you are looking for a good, modern, and smart vacuum.

Is it safe for a fiberglass pool?

Yes, It is completely safe for a fiberglass pool. Because it rolls on smooth nylon wheels.

Why is this vacuum special?

The Poolmaster is specially designed for in-ground concrete pools. It has a standard pool vacuum hose that works great on pool ground.  It is long enough and reaches all the areas of the pool. This vacuum has a commercial-grade quality. It is wide, heavier but easy to move. This special vacuum is heavy enough than the other usual vacuum. 


  • Pool master is an expert vacuum for quick clean-up.
  • This is the best cleaner head as it has a wide flexible body.
  • It can be cleaned by any standard pool pole.
  • Easy to use.
  • The swivel handles help in superior maneuverability.


  • This vacuum is not perfect for vinyl liner pools.

8. Pentair R201276 214, Commercial Best pool vacuum head

Best pool vacuum head


The Pentair R201276 214 is a quality product. It is one of the best pool vacuum heads that grabs all the particles of debris from the ground pool. Pentair has a unique suction chamber that focuses on vacuum velocity. This suction chamber also can highlight the equal and full-width flexible stripes that collect debris quickly. To increase or decrease the vacuum velocity its wheels are perfectly adjustable. This vacuum includes a stainless nut and bolt, metal swivel handle, and ball bearings wheels.  It comes out in the market with a 1-1/2-inch vac hose swivel connection and 14-inch commercial model.

How does this vacuum work? 

This vacuum works properly depending on its connection to your pool equipment that is set in suction mode. The pool hose attaches with the pipe of the vacuum head. You can watch several videos on youtube on this topic.

What type of this vacuum is required?

The body of this vacuum is required hard plastic or stiff rubber. Sometimes it may be softer and flexible.  It can curve up slightly all the remote parts of the pool.


  • The Pentair has a unique suction chamber.
  • Having equal vacuum velocity.
  • It includes a special stainless steel nut and bolt.
  • This vacuum connects easily to any type of pool pole.
  • It contours to rounded surfaces.


  • It is not suitable for a vinyl liner pool.

9. Best pool vacuum heard ken well Automatic Robotic cleaner

Best pool vacuum head


Kenwell Automatic Robotic vacuum is a special kind of hassle-free cleaner. This best pool vacuum head covers both floor and wall cleaning systems. It has easy excess to load filter basket traps and locks the debris easily. It also includes anti-rollover technology which obstacles it falling. Its cleaning system is very easy, simple, and eye-soothing. You can set the schedule for cleaning the pool automatically. It has a swivel cord which can help to prevent triangles and allows to move the robotic pool cleaner efficiently and excellently.

What is the manufacturer’s warranty?

The manufacturer’s warranty is reasonable and users satisfactory. It gives 6 months to 1-year warranty. It does not work according to the direction before the tenure, the company takes the responsibility. 


  • Kenwell’s robotic cleaner climbs wonderfully.
  • It has an automatic setup.
  • Its cleaning modes are very nice.
  • This vacuum has anti-rollover technology.
  • Having a swivel cord.


  • It is not suitable for a vinyl liner pool


10. Best pool vacuum head: Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Model

Best pool vacuum headCHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON


The Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 is a wonderful pool cleaner. This best pool vacuum head has a pressure-side cleaning system. This cleaning system can connect the pressure line easily. It includes a three-wheel design, sweeps, the 280 vacuum and it can scrub the bottom and walls of the different shape pool. The vacuum requires a Polaris booster pump which works in the ground pool.

It also comes out in the market with 31 feet of feed hose and its vacuum intel is 2.25 inches. For having pressure cleaning,  it removes the surface debris and contaminants within a short time. It also helps to capture the debris easily.

Can you need to buy an extra hose?

Yes, I need to buy an extra hose. Extra components help to clean up the surface debris quickly.

What does it require to attach with it?

It requires to attach 30’ of tubing with floats, check valve, the 280, and debris trap.


  • Polaris shows excellent performance in cleaning.
  • It has a special power of debris intake.
  • Having a large capacity filter bag.
  • Continuous cleaning system.
  • It works with a booster pump.


  • It is quite expensive.

Some important factors you need to consider while buying the best pool vacuum head

I have already discussed the best pool vacuum head above. Now you may be ready to buy one of them. But you have to consider some important things before buying your desirable pool vacuum head. These will help you to choose a pool vacuum head that would be meet your needs. So let’s know what these are-


Vacuum heads come out in different sizes. The size Starts from 11 inches small to 19 inches large. Small size is fit for a small pool, small spaces, hard to reach corners. But small vacuum takes a long time to clean.

Again, the wider or larger size is suitable for a large pool.  Compare with a small vacuum, a large vacuum head takes short time to clean. U.S. Pool Supply Swimming Pool Vacuum Head has the standard size. So this vacuum head will be a good option for cleaning.


 A particular Design is also an important thing to consider. Some vacuum heads have wheels and some vacuum don’t have. Wheels help the vacuum move underwater easily. Pool master 28300 Vacuum has multi-directional wheels. So this vacuum will be the helpful one for you.

Pool type

When you are choosing the pool vacuum, you have to keep in mind the type of your pool. The triangular vacuum head is perfect for vinyl and fiberglass shape pools. This vacuum will be also a good option for marble and a tiled pool.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Do I need to brush the pool before vacuuming?

Yes, it will be better to brush the pool before vacuuming. It removes the large leaves and other debris. This makes it easy to vacuum the pool. After vacuuming you get a neat and clean pool.

2. How often you should vacuum the pool?

When you should vacuum your pool depending on how often you use the pool. I suggest you vacuum your pool once a week. You should vacuum your pool after a storm, pool party, and when gathered a large amount of debris.

Final words

Hopefully, now you can able to choose your desirable vacuum from my above-mentioned vacuum reviews. Because all mentioned vacuums are best and quality vacuum. So, your wise selection of a vacuum head can give you a fresh, neat, and clean pool.

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