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The Best above Ground Pool Vacuums Compared

Best above Ground Pool Vacuum

Many persons might claim that the best above ground pool vacuums are a need rather than a luxury and I am motivated to agree, especially in a situation that you have a big pool.

The biggest task in maintaining your swimming pool is manually cleaning the dirt and wreckages off the floor. Since it is too hefty to float in the pool water it doesn’t get drawn into the filter through the skimmer and falls to the floor. Therefore, you either have to clean it by hand or with a specially made pool cleaner.

These days, there are many various tools to help you to carry out this however the easiest to use, by far, are the automatic swimming pool cleaners that are available in both in-ground and above ground designs. Without one, you will end up in the swimming pool, washing the floor at an interval of days or even more frequently if outside surroundings drive foliage and filth into the swimming pool.

Selections of In-Ground and Cleaners Automatic Suction-Side Vacuums and Automatic above Ground Pool Vacuums

Suction-Side Cleaners

These cleaners are engineered by the suction produced from your swimming pool pump. This lets them travel around the pool floor where they vacuum up the grime. The pool water is sucked via your filter so additional water is sucked via the system in a shorter time period.

As there’s no need to put in any additional plumbing or pumps, suction-sides are often half the price of other cleaners. However, because they draw material directly into your pump and filter basket, they can create issues if the skimmer gets clogged. So they cannot compare to the best above ground pool vacuum.

This is a recurrent happening if your swimming pool is in a place that has many trees. Setting up a leaf trap will assist prevent this issue since it halts the larger stuff before it gets to the pump basket. If your suction cleaner does not have a leaf collector, you can still be able to put one in the cleaner hose.

If you do not usually have vegetation in your pool, the daily filth and dust should not block the skimmer basket.

If you pick this kind of vacuum for your pool you need to be sure you keep the filter clean. If the filter is clogged the suction will be reduced and thus it will move less easily and cleaning will be poorly affected.

Pressure-side Automatic Pool Cleaners

In contrast, pressure-side vacuums are engineered by water pressure, produced by a pump, and consist of interior vacuum bags.

The force pushes the vacuum around the pool and forces the wreckages into the bag. It doesn’t suck material into your pool pump basket or filtration system which means you do not have to vacuum them so often and they can handle leaves. However, they are not able to filter small items via the bag and don’t clean the walls very well either. Apart from that, the machine could have been said to be among the best above ground pool vacuum.

The price of a pressure side pool vacuum hangs on, partially, on whether or not you want a booster pump or use the swimming pool’s core circulation pump.

A devoted booster pump is apt to clean the pool to some extent better and go on for a longer time than using the main pump but it’s an extra outlay and will require a dedicated line installed.

Robotic Swimming Pool Vacuums

Robotic pool cleaners are autonomous items that operate separately from your main pool filter system so don’t need hoses.

They are driven by internal electric motors that are engineered through an outdoor outlet. They have a power cable and transformer that regulates the electricity to a lower voltage after being plugged in.

Robotic above ground pool vacuums drive grime straight into the internal filters and come pre-programmed. The onboard computer chip identifies any problems and “learns” the contour of your swimming pool. Some have a remote control that lets you shuffle the cleaner around the pool and with that, you could clean any spots it may have missed. This is can be said to be the above ground pool vacuum.

The best above ground pool vacuum not only assists in keeping your pool looking sparkling but also saves you time and effort giving you several extra hours to enjoy relaxing rather than cleaning.

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