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Reasons why you need Bathroom Plumbing Repair

Bathroom Plumbing Repair

Plumbing problems in your bathroom such as a clogged toilet or drain, damaged flush power, cracked tank, or leaking toilet can be frustrating. A plunger or a DIY plumbing method can temporarily help you to clean the blockage and resolve the issue.

However, one wrong step can create more troubling issues if you have no idea about plumbing repairs. Make sure to call professional services for bathroom plumbing repair in Bloomfield in case your house is flooding, your toilet is filled with overflowing sewage, or other disastrous situations involving human waste.

It is always recommended to have routine maintenance of your bathroom every few months. It ensures that the components of your toilet are in good condition and working fine.

The bathroom plumbing services include various checks – the toilet flush working properly when the closet lid is off, the flapper seals functioning well, and the valve shutting off the water at the right level.

The requirement of professional plumbing services can also step in at times when brown water is backing up into your sink and shower, continuous clogging of your toilet, or insufficient water to flush. In such circumstances, you need to call bathroom plumbers to get the issues fixed immediately.

Some of the reasons for which you need your bathroom to be checked by a professional plumber are as follows.

1. Damaged Flush Mechanism

Just imagine for a moment that if you suddenly notice the flushing power of your toilet has slowed down, what will you do? Having used your toilet for several years, you will most likely use a plunger to unclog it. However, if you find out that the plunger is not able to do the job, then it denotes that there is no clog.

It can be a blockage of waste in the drain pipes far from your toilet. You can keep using the toilet for a few days or weeks in such a condition to see if the issue resolves itself. However, keep in mind that the condition can worsen causing an overflow of toilet waste.

Make sure to call a licensed plumber immediately to locate the cause of the issue and fix it. Most often, this problem arises due to a blockage deep inside the pipes caused by tree roots, hair, baby wipes, or floss. The plumber can use the right equipment to fix it once the cause is identified.

2. Clogged Toilet or Drain

If a plunger is not working to unclog your toilet or drain then the problem must be deeper inside the pipes. However, if you notice continuous clogging, brown water backing up your sink, or inadequate water to flush, then you need a professional plumber to help you.

3. Toilet Leakage

Toilet leaks generally do not make any sound. Hence, it is more likely that you will not be able to hear the water dripping, or notice the continuous flow of the water from the tank to the bowl.

You can assume that much water is not wasted and hence, overlook the condition. But remember, this slow leakage can cause a remarkable increase in the bill.

4. Cracked Tank

You may have installed durable tanks in your bathroom, but the tank or bowl can crack due to accidents. Your toilet may still function based on where the crack is caused. You can temporarily use it while preparing to replace the damaged part.  However, as the toilet bowl is fixed to the floor and the waste exhaust pipe is connected to it, you may find it difficult to replace it. It is when you should contact professional services for bathroom plumbing repairs in Bloomfield to get the issue fixed.


Remember, if a plunger or simple plumbing method cannot fix the issue then contacting a professional plumber is an ideal decision. They can help you better in your toilet maintenance.

You may have to face serious damages to the bathroom or toilet if the DIY repair method fails or there is a delay in fixing the problem. A professional plumber will not only save you from suffering the discomfort of foul odor but also help you with efficient and cost-effective methods.

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