Are LG Refrigerators Reliable?

When it comes to buying a good fridge for the kitchen, nothing can surpass the most trustworthy brand, LG. LG refrigerators have made their way into the household of 7 out of 10 Indian families in India. LG, as a brand, has gained the faith of people with its best and affordable LG double door fridge, microwaves, smart TVs, and other electrical appliances. Unquestionably, LG refrigerators are the most reliable electrical appliances you can use for years together. 

Still, wondering how and why? Let us tell you why LG refrigerators are so dependable:

1. LG refrigerators were honored with the most J.D. Power awards for Kitchen appliances. They received the award for three years consecutively. It is also acclaimed as the best one as far as reliability is concerned. In fact, LG thought this assurance wasn’t enough. So, to amp up their reliability, all the elements and parts of LG refrigerators come with 5-years parts and labour warranty. It is just to make sure you can make the most out of your LG double door fridge.

2. LG refrigerators allow you to explore several unique features like the “Instaview” feature. This feature allows you to view what is inside the fridge without you having to open the door repeatedly. Just knock on the glass door twice, and your job will be done… isn’t it astounding? This feature helps to increase the power efficiency of the refrigerators.

3. The other unique feature of  LG double door fridge(some fridges) is the door-in-door feature. There is an outer door bin just in front of the primary refrigerator door. You can keep the frequently used materials in this section so that the inner refrigerator can keep its cold air intake. This door-in-door feature helps to keep the food items in the fridge fresh for longer durations.

4. LG refrigerators are made of a complete stainless steel body that makes your LG double door fridge scratch-proof and fingerprint-proof. Now, you can say bye, bye to dirty smudges and scratches. LG has earned this credibility by never compromising the quality of the material they use to manufacture their products. All the elements are of top-notch quality.

5. Recently, LG refrigerators are coming equipped with tall ice and water dispenser. These help a user to fill bottles and glasses. Now, with LG double door fridge, all you can expect is convenience to an unimaginable level.

6. LG refrigerators also have a Sabbath mode. It means in this mode, all the lights of the fridge will remain turned off even when you open the door. Yes, this is there to reduce power consumption.

7. LG refrigerators come with various cooling methods such as linear cooling, intelligent cooling, door cooling, and LG FRESHSheild cooling. 

8. LG always amazes its users by adding innovative features to its electrical appliances. The ThinQ technology is absolutely brilliant if you want to connect your LG double door fridge with voice recognition gadgets such as Alexa or Google Assistant to help your fridge recognize the voice commands. Now, you can control your fridge using one application. ThinQ is made to optimize the overall performance of your LG refrigerators. You can understand if the door is open or you have mistakenly overburdened your refrigerator by storing lots of food items, or you can check the items stored inside your fridge through the ThinQ app so that you do not miss out on a single product when you visit the supermarket.

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There is no doubt that  LG refrigerators provide the most convenient and reliable options for realizing the refrigerator needs in an Indian household. LG double door fridge is also introduced in budget-friendly options with intriguing features as add-ons. LG will continue to rule the hearts of the Indians because it has rightly understood the needs and has come up with excellent solutions to suffice each need. So, if you have to buy a fridge, more than anything else, you can trust LG because they will deliver the responsibilities that have been endowed upon them rightly. Happy shopping with Bajaj Finserv EMI Store!


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