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Apple iPhone 11 Pro – The Many Features of the New iPhone

The new version of the Apple iPhone is the Apple iPhone 11 Pro. This device can also be purchased on a contract basis from different retail stores. One thing you should know before buying this is that there are lots of important features that you need to take care of while purchasing it.

As we all know that the Apple iPhone 11 Pro is the upgraded version of the iPhone 8 Pro. It has some great features like the 3D Touch. You can see the information of your friends and see the email from them. It also allows you to write a note or send an email without even touching the screen.

The next feature of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro is the FaceTime camera. It allows you to send videos to your friends and family members in real-time. You can use the video calling feature to talk with your family members. It also gives you the power to view your email messages.

The Touch ID sensor is also a big feature of the iPhone 11 Pro. It helps you unlock the phone without having to type any key combination. When you press the sensor, you get the unlocked message. This is a very useful feature which is provided by the iPhone.

For playing the right music player, you should select iTunes. It is the best music player available in the market. If you want to download more songs, you can search for the songs from the Internet and download it. The other amazing feature of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro is the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

The Bluetooth 4.0 makes the wireless connectivity to the iPhone more convenient. There are many mobile phones that support Bluetooth but there are not many that can transfer data to your computer with it. With this feature, you can easily transfer all the files that you have on your iPhone. The battery life of the iPhone can also be extended up to 40 hours.

There are a lot of features available in the Apple iPhone 11 Pro. But there are some downsides of the phone. Some of the major disadvantages are listed below.

While the features of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro are great, there are some features that are not so good. These include the lack of Autocorrect in the built-in dictionary. This is a very important feature if you are a person who writes a lot of emails.

There is no translator feature to help you translate emails into your native language. There are no keyboard shortcuts that help you to input information from your email.

You can also change the ringtone of the phone but the problem here is that if you want to change it to a more attractive one, you need to take out the SIM card from the phone. It is very dangerous and you can easily get yourself into an accident while this process is happening.

You need to pay a monthly contract to the service provider to be able to use the iPhone. And the contract period is very long, as it ranges from three months to six months.

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro is a great invention. However, it is also prone to some disadvantages. All these problems need to be faced and must be taken care of while using it.


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