5 Easy Ways to Identify Legit Money Making Games from the Fake Ones

5 Easy Ways to Identify Legit Money Making Games

Money-making games have risen in popularity in recent times. Legit money making games like Wealth Words have proven to be a blessing for people who are searching for a quick and easy way to make money online.

With people from around the world looking to play PayPal games for money and build a passive income stream, there has also been a significant rise in the number of fake apps that mimic the authentic ones and trick the users.

There are several fake apps built purely for the purpose of displaying advertising and generating revenue. Many other money-making games and app clones are built to collect user credentials and even infect user devices.

These apps are designed in such a way that it can be hard for a normal user to identify the fake app from real money-making games and apps. The worst part is that these games are not suspicious-looking, making users more susceptible.

So, how can you stay safe from fake money-making games? That’s exactly the point we are going to discuss in this blog post.

How to Identify Legit Money Making Games from the Fake Ones?

Here are some simple pointers that will help you identify fake money-making games and apps on the internet:

  1. Poor/Bad App Description

One of the first things that can help you identify a fake gaming app is its app description. Legit money-making games and apps have a well-laid out app description, usually displaying the name of the developer as well.

With fake apps, however, this is not the case. The description of fake apps is written poorly, and you will find several grammatical and spelling mistakes in them. You may spot some fishy or incorrectly spelled developer names too. If you do, go for a quick check on the internet to verify the legitimacy of the app and/or the developer. if you are unable to find the official site, you can be certain of dealing with a fake app.

  1. App permissions

Fake apps will always ask for more app permissions than legit ones. This is because one of their aims is to gather as much useful information as possible by getting control over the user’s device.

For instance, a shopping app asking for permissions to your contact list or camera can indicate it is malicious in nature. You have to be careful when allowing these permissions, as the administrator can get complete control over your device using it. Make sure that you allow only those sets of permissions to the application, which are absolutely necessary. Monitor and track the permissions not only at the time of installation but afterward as well. This simple step can eventually help you ward off major threats that a fake app might post in the future.

  1. App icons

Fraudsters and scammers online trying to create fake PayPal games for money will usually try to copy the icon from the original game. Don’t be surprised to find fake app icons that are as good as the original ones. However, you can identify the fake icons by going to the official website of these apps.

Scan through the icons listed on the official website, and you will easily find minute differences between the original and the copy. These minute differences should be enough to indicate that you are dealing with fake money-making games. Even if you find the slightest difference in the color, shape, or pixelation of the icon, you must skip downloading the app until you are completely sure of its authenticity.

  1. User reviews

The biggest identifier of fake money-making games is their user reviews. You will find that legit money-making apps have many positive reviews on the internet and the app store. Whereas fake apps might have no reviews at all.

For instance, a popular word puzzle gaming app like Wealth Words that is completely legit has virtually hundreds of genuine reviews online. You will see that people who have won real money on this app by solving time-bound crossword puzzles have shared their love for the games. At the same time, there are several fake money-making gaming apps out there with plenty of negative reviews.

A quick glance at the online reviews can paint a clear picture of whether the app is legitimate or just a fake copy.

  1. App publish and update date

The last thing that you can use to identify the authenticity of these money-making apps is by looking at their app publish date. Fake apps will generally have a recent publication date, with no updates. Whereas a

This simple piece of information could mean that something is fishy about the gaming app that you are about to download on your device. So, you need to be careful before hitting the install button.

Don’t Get Lured Into the Trap of Fake Money Making Games

It’s quite easy to get lured into downloading apps and games that offer you money. After all, who doesn’t like to earn quick money that too by playing their favorite games? However, it is also important to be cautious while making this decision as there are so many scammers lurking on the World Wide Web ready to pounce on your money and critical information. 

By being aware, and practicing caution while downloading any of these apps on your smartphone, you can ward off the threat of losing critical information and your money to these apps.

As you can see, there are some easy ways to identify fake money-making games apps on the internet that were purely created to gather user information and scam them. Make sure to look for these quick identifiers when downloading any new app.

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